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Herding Khats

3.5 Zones Down, 4.5 To Go

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Another weekend gone and still wandering through Northrend. I hit Borean Tundra {or as my husband calls it "Boring Tundra"} at about halfway through 76 and finished it just shy of 80.

Popped over to Howling Fjord and dinged 80 a few quests in. Then it was another round of watching my XP grind to a slow crawl, heh. No XP at all for kills for a while, as most everything was grey and quest turn ins were netting me about 4600 per. But, Howling Fjord is by far my favorite zone, so I was happy just flitting around enjoying the scenery. I was rather amused to hit the mailbox in Camp Winterhoof to pick up my "Grats on 80!" package.

I dinged 81 towards the end of Dragonblight so I lost my heirloom bonuses on everything but my cloak, but I'll live, hehe. XP started picking up again in Grizzly Hills, but I'm still only 81. I might manage 82 before I leave the zone, but it'll be close since I'm already halfway done with the zone and still under 75% in level.

Now I'm starting to contemplate doing this from level 1 to see what the earliest zone I can ding max level in is. Someone help me. I'm sick in the head. Eep.
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  1. MiRai's Avatar
    Nothing Boring About Borean!
  2. Khatovar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MiRai
    Nothing Boring About Borean!

  3. JackBurton's Avatar
    Probably my favorite expansion to level through