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Masochistic Much?

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So, I've spent the last few months dorking around on a single account for the most part. It's surprising how lonely that is after all this time boxing - I feel naked without my team running around behind me.

I've been finding all sorts of stupid and painful ways to kill time.

First I decided I should level up all the higher level toons I had sitting on my master account. To make it more brutal, I decided I should do all of the Cata zones on them. So, 5 times through every single Cata zone. That was...seriously not fun.

I thought it was kind of a bummer that most of my tradeskills were on my inactive accounts, so to kill more time, I decided to level up tailoring, a potion master alchemist, an elixir master alchemist {to go with the 2 transmute alchemists I already had} and a leatherworker. Then I decided it was a waste to vend all the junk I was making to level up tailoring and LW, so I added an enchanter to the mix, too. That puts everything but engineering on my main account.

What to do next? I still had 4 non-85 toons on the main account - a couple low level goblins from my Stargate and Farscape teams, an Alliance AH mule and a 58 druid that's been babysitting my alternate guild name.

I decided the druid would make the best gathering lackey thanks to flight and aquatic form, so now I'm leveling her. But this time, I decided I'm in no rush AT ALL to get back to Cata stuff. She was sitting at 58 which meant I'd get to do Outland and Northrend. Wheee!

I waited on Outland until 60 so I could get some time in just setting things up and getting the feel for the new Boomkin playstyle. Yesterday I finally closed out all the Outland quests I could do. I didn't really go out of my way, skipping most of the large group quests and dailies, and I'm sure I missed a lot of stuff along the way, but after going through every zone, I dinged 76 in Shadowmoon Valley.

The best part was dinging 70 in Nagrand and watching the kill XP plummet.

Talbuk Thronegrazer dies, you gain 568 experience.
Blah blah blah, You are now level 70!
Talbuk Thronegrazer dies, you gain 57 experience.

I lie. The best part was having a questlog that was so full that I had to wait to take quests that started from dropped items.

Now it's time to start Northrend and start thinking about what to do next.
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  1. ebony's Avatar
    ya leveling sucks a lot so am going to level up 5 more warlocks :s the only good thing i can see about this is that they start at level 80. but all the cata stuff again is going to kill me.
  2. Apps's Avatar
    Nice Blog posting. I enjoyed the read. Took me back. Made me think about the years spent leveling toons solo, until I found boxing. I tried to play a solo toon a couple times. I really gave it a serious effort. But after level 15 I said "screw this".

    Im looking forward to reading your progression here.
  3. MiRai's Avatar
    I really wish they wouldn't put such a limit on kills like that -- 10% is such a bummer. It's like they want to force you to move onto the next expansion area even if you wanted to stay and finish that zone (Nagrand). I think it would be better if Blizzard made that change at say 61, 71, 81, instead of 60, 70, 80.

    Here's to hoping they revert that change with the great item squish making leveling and items a nice smooth curve.
  4. Narij's Avatar
    I have a couple warriors and a rogue on my master account from my solo days. I tried to level them up to 85, but left them at 70. Now I run them through Black Temple and Sunwell trying to get the "perfect" set. I'm still not sure what I want to do with them.
  5. ashaleon's Avatar
    She was sitting at 58 which meant I'd get to do Outland and Northrend. Wheee!
    png to ico
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