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Confessions of an on and off Multiboxer

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I'm a long time (longer than others, shorter than some) on and off again multiboxer. I started playing WoW at launch and bounced around various servers before actually landing on Malygos, where I spent most of my vanilla time. I started playing two accounts in order to level alts faster. Once the Burning Crusade Expansion came out I took a free transfer to Madoran where I would spend most of BC and a good part of WotLK. I started 3 boxing while raiding and attempting to do some PvP. Shortly after the ICC raid patch I moved to Kil'Jaeden to join up with Fursphere and others who were in <Legion of Boom>. Legion of Boom was a blast and I even ended up running the guild for a bit after Fur stepped down and eventually quit the game.
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During the low point of my WoW time between ICC and Cataclysm, I ended up faction changing most of my characters to the horde side of Kil'Jaeden for a change in scenery and a solid chance at getting involved with some PvP. Kil'Jaeden Horde is where I primarily reside to this day, however I've taken some alts on adventures to other realms. At the moment my rogue is currently running around on Stormreaver with my usual cohorts Vecter, Crum, and MiRai.
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I've had a lot of fun with WoW, I still have a lot of fun meeting new people and killing them in PvP. I've spent a lot of time on a few servers and I've always come away with a great experience. I raided in a hardcore raiding guild for a short time, I even managed a server 2nd and a realm first with this guild. As much as I loved doing those things I learned quickly 7 nights of raiding wasn't for me. I've learned from the guilds I've led that I'm a better support role than I am a leader. I've learned that just because my way of doing something works, doesn't mean there isn't a better way. I've learned that despite the time I've spent in game, it is just a game. I don't care if I ever get realm 1st raiding again. I don't care if I ever hit the high PvP ranks. I'm here to have fun. Sometimes that fun takes a serious side, often times it's just doing my own thing.

I plan to keep updating this blog. It may not always be about multiboxing, hell it may not always be about gaming. But it just might be worth reading, we'll see.

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