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10x world pvp video #1

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I'm going to post it every few days new WpVp videos: better editing, better music:::

check it out.!
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  1. JohnGabriel's Avatar
    Do you have a World PvP goal?

    It looks like you spent time transmogrifying to get them to all look alike, kudos.
  2. sethlan's Avatar
    No goal, really - Just killing time in WoW - IT takes a little bit to get them transmoged, mace I got from quest, Shield I got from naxx25, first boss - and rest of the pieces are only 3500 honor points or something. 4 pieces. I think i really would like to attack stormwind, and get the FOR THE HORDE Achiv, few people are leveling their 10x accounts. in the guild.