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10x world pvp video #1

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I'm going to post it every few days new WpVp videos: better editing, better music:::

check it out.!
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  1. JohnGabriel's Avatar
    Do you have a World PvP goal?

    It looks like you spent time transmogrifying to get them to all look alike, kudos.
  2. sethlan's Avatar
    No goal, really - Just killing time in WoW - IT takes a little bit to get them transmoged, mace I got from quest, Shield I got from naxx25, first boss - and rest of the pieces are only 3500 honor points or something. 4 pieces. I think i really would like to attack stormwind, and get the FOR THE HORDE Achiv, few people are leveling their 10x accounts. in the guild.
  3. Luke2203's Avatar
    Thanks for the great video you shared spider solitaire 2 suit
  4. kovacek's Avatar
    I believe that I would really like to invade Stormwind and obtain the FOR THE HORDE There aren't many people leveling their 10x accounts, Achiv. within the guild. fnf mod