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EpicRewind, a new video capture tool which uses a RAM RollingBuffer for "instant-replay" functionality

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Greetings all,

I haven't done much multi-boxing recently but I wanted to let you all know about a video capture tool I've been working on called EpicRewind, I think some of you may find it interesting.

EpicRewind is video capture software that has a key differentiating feature: RAM RollingBuffer mode. This works like an on-demand instant-replay: a game is hooked and the video is continuously buffered in system RAM, when something cool happens the user can save the buffer contents with the press of a hotkey. So rather than saving video from your entire gaming session you can just save the good stuff after it actually happens. In addition, EpicRewind provides some nice performance benefits over traditional capture software: video processing, encoding and writing to disk only happen when you choose to save a video clip. During video buffering, the contents of the framebuffer are just being copied to system memory X times per second based your specified capture FPS. There is also a region capture mode which can be used to capture video from a specified portion of the desktop and could include multiple game windows.

You can find more information about EpicRewind here on our website along with some demonstration videos:

We are at the point now where we have a usable beta build and are looking for more folks to try it out. If this sounds interesting to you feel free to send me a PM and I’ll get you signed up, alternatively you can also email me at:

If you really like the idea, we've just launched a Kickstarter for the project here:

Anyway, thanks for reading!