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PvP with the guild

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So not going to say on here why am not in AutoBots anymore but a few off you might know why if not lets just say oh well.

Am in Honor Capped now its a Real Guild on outland with a lot off members it seems nice to be in a real guild always had a good feeling that it be cool to be with a lot off mutiboxers but its not as good as we all think till you try it. you might like it but it was not something for me. Anyway so i been in Honor capped for a few weeks but av not done a great deal off stuff with them as i been working a lot off weekends.#

anyway i wonted to link you a video off off a AB Premade we did it did not work as we was trying to get 0-1650 to be fair the horde group was stronger then we was hoping and the leader did maybe send a few extra with me we did not need but as am playing warlocks it seems Meh they be no good.!

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