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Ding Level 85!

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So i been using the SoR on one off my old many Battle.nets when they was selling std wow cheep a few years back, in the end it works out i have 7 unused std accounts (that automated got updated to BC) now i can update them to cata for free as well saveing a good £50 crazy stuff well i might as well do this incase i feeling like 10 boxing one day though that is probs going to be off but you never know right?

a few days before this offer i was leveling a druid with RAF with Hugs from A-bots though this new offer worked out better so i closed that account and SoR a few my old ones,

This is some off the free chars am using Warlock and druid and i might do 5 mages with the other 5 left and move them in a way that i can log in one the mages with most my group. (never say no to free portals) then i would put 1 month off gametime on each account and get that new cool looking mount for the warlocks.

anyway here a screenshoot off the druid i just leveled am not sure if am going to leave it on its 7th account or move it to be a 6th.

Updated 03-16-2012 at 08:29 AM by ebony

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  1. MiRai's Avatar
    If only I was as dedicated. Nice work.
  2. ebony's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MiRai
    If only I was as dedicated. Nice work.
    am trying