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VideoFX + Firefox + WoWAPI = in game (ish) PvP Scanner

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So I had the idea of some kind of script that ran in a gui in an IS session that would allow you to quickly enter a character name, server and query their relevant PvP stats. This could be useful for arenas, rated Bgs, or any PvP situation where you need quick info on how geared / rated your opponent may be.

I briefly talked to Lax and he recommended I write the code and run it via a browser in a video fx. I knocked out a script pretty quickly, and used some mobile jquery UI stuff to make it readable. What I ended up with was a videofx I could interact with and quickly query an opponent.

Here is the main window where you would enter the opponents info:
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Here is the resulting info about the opponent.
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The info shown can easily be tweaked to show other relevant info. Currently I have it displaying both specs, Resilience, and what their arena team ratings are. This isn't anything too ground breaking of special in and of itself, however it's a nice proof of concept. I'm not sure the process of launching a window, attaching it to a video fx source is worth it when alt-tab is so much easier.
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  1. Toned's Avatar
    Rofl.... amazing
  2. EaTCarbS's Avatar
    Very interesting concept.
  3. Poyzon's Avatar
    Interesting post. Now if FireFox (to use your example) could have a transparent background, you could tweak the styles and make it a little less obtrusive.