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Tera just has that glow about it

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The graphics in Tera are no longer the best you can find in an MMO, but they are still heads above most of them. This was taken in a level 34ish zone. MiRai and Souca kicked me out of their zone so I had to head back to the forested area

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  1. MiRai's Avatar
    I don't see an image.
  2. Crum1515's Avatar
    I do, from both my computers
  3. Crum1515's Avatar
    And my phone on the 3G network
    Updated 02-06-2012 at 12:48 AM by Crum1515
  4. JackBurton's Avatar

    Forewarning to those who click the link, it is NSFW.
    Updated 02-07-2012 at 08:24 PM by MiRai (Added NSFW Warning.)