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Project DarkSpear

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So I have begun development on a new project, an MMO of sorts. Right now the Dev team is about at 7 people. We have PR, Sound, 2 animation/model artist, and 2 web/server gurus who are going to assist me in coding. If seems to be panning out and will be a lot of fun. Got a few of your Dual-Boxing leaders in on it, I will keep posting updates and eventually the link to the standalone site for it.

I just got the server up, everythings been installed. The tools are working fine and we got assets in place to test innerworkings. Next step is to get the art pipeline up so the artist can directly manipulate the world and chage assets in place instead of patching up updates.

We have about 3 weeks of testing and putting together the Dev Bible before we start setting milestones.

Here is a look at test environment I got set up.

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  1. Apps's Avatar
    If you cant beat em... looking forward to updates.