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Herding Khats

I Have a Dream...

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Well, I had a dream I also had a nightmare. My nightmare was a recurring one where I find myself still employed at Starbuck's and the past 5 or 6 years was of me simply forgetting that I never quit and just not showing up.

Though why they would keep scheduling someone when they stop showing up for half a decade is beyond me. But it still disturbs me beyond reason every time I have that dream.

My real dream, in the non-sleeping sense, was to update the GM Conversations in the Wiki because people keep linking it even though all the links are dead. It's not much of an argument when it's full of dead links. It could all just be made up, eh?

So, I went ahead and fixed it.

Maybe I need a better actually multiboxing instead of just writing about multiboxing?


  1. Poyzon's Avatar
    You had me at cupcakes and pies.
  2. MiRai's Avatar
    You deserve a Grande Caramel Frappuccino for your effort.