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Musings of a Multiboxing Noob

ROTMG with ISBoxer

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Since I didn't already have any characters started in a multiboxable (is that a word?) game, I asked Lax what the easiest game would be to try out ISBoxer. He said the quickest and smallest game to download is Realm of the Mad God. He even pointed me to the setup guide and video: How to Multibox a Flash Game. Sweet, a video!

I read the guide and watched the video, and I was excited that it only takes about 3 minutes to get set up and going to multibox ROTMG with ISBoxer. However, I needed to figure out how to play the game first!

I made my first character in ROTMG and gave it a shot. I started doing the in-game tutorial, but I wasn't paying close attention since my two-year old was climbing on me while I was doing it. Somehow, I skipped the majority of the tutorial and entered the real game without realizing it. BAM, I was dead almost immediately. I was thinking, "Wtf? That tutorial was terrible. It didn't prepare me at all for the real game." I wandered my guy around the Nexus for a while, trying to figure out where I was supposed to go or what I was supposed to do. After a while, I finally figured out how to enter one of the worlds to go fight. BAM, dead again. I was realizing I sucked pretty bad at this game! How the heck was I possibly going to play more than one character at a time when I couldn't even keep one alive? I decided to read the ROTMG forums for some tips. I didn't realize until later on that I had missed most of the tutorial.

Once I finally figured out how to play and stay alive for more than 30 seconds, I decided to get my ISBoxer all set up to multibox ROTMG! It really was super easy to set up since I followed the guide and used the Quick Setup Wizard. I was glad that ISBoxer was way easier to figure out than how to play the darn game to begin with! Although, I was only just seeing the tip of the iceberg for what ISBoxer can do. I got my two-character team all set up, logged in, and ready to go.

Okay... now what? There's no autofollow in ROTMG, so I had no clue how to get my two guys to run and shoot at the same time like it shows in the video. I was informed that I needed to turn on mouse broadcasting (or repeater). Uh... what? There's those darn terms again! To be fair, the video did tell me what buttons to push to do that, but since I had no idea what that meant at the time, I ignored it. Lax was nice enough to explain to me what it meant and tell me again what buttons to push to turn it on. In retrospect, maybe I should have read more info from the ISBoxer website (it has spectacular wiki pages), but why read when I can just ask the expert himself?

It worked! Yay! Now I was in business. I had my two guys doing what they were supposed to do. I ran them around, amazed at how easily I could kill stuff with two guys at my command. Boom, boom, boom, killing stuff left and right! I had made it to level 2 on my guys. I was invincible! That is, until I tried one of the big "boss" guys. Turns out I wasn't quite experienced enough to handle one of those with my team. Oops!

So, that was my first experience multiboxing with ISBoxer! I can't wait to try a game like World of Warcraft where I can really do some cool stuff with multiboxing. Luckily for me and the other noobs, there's tons of guides and videos for how to get ISBoxer set up with WoW. The Facebook community gave me some tips on getting started too (thanks!). Now I just need to work up the courage to try it. Oh, and figure out if my computer can handle running multiple characters at once. Minor detail...