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Hey Guys, it looks like I used to multibox rift back in the day. My favorite thing about it was the variety of specs available for a given character, giving lots of scope to coordinating abilities across toons and using those specs to break needing the holy trinity. I quit when they made AH goblining less fun (much larger deposits) and it being a free game I got a lot more hate for boxing in world quests.

Rift Video Feeds

Lazy Healer

Communication Macros - Minimizing hostility from others

Launchers are annoying, my rift AHK script

Building a rotation from a guide - Inquisitor DPS


Cleric Tanking

So these are now more than 5 years old and may not be super helpful, but they might give an insight on how to jump into doing things you've been doing in wow, but in rift.
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