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5 Man Multiboxing Allaince Leveling Guide (up to lvl 30 so far)

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I've been writing a little guide for myself to do this based on experiences in the stress test... I found the collection quests "obtain 10 paws" etc to not be efficient to do 5 times over in most cases.. my guide is specifically for humans/gnomes/dwarves (and i guess NE's if you want to make that run across to IF)

It doesn't include all the basic quests when they send you to deliver an item or just talk to another NPC ill just do them and I find them

Here it is up until I start deadmines... i also know they if I need to grind some XP I can do deadmines up until Sneed from about level 15-16 onwards then reset and do it again)

Run gnomes and dwaves town down through Deeprun tram to Elywnn
Run humans to meet them in old town

Aquire 10 copper for herbalism (trainer in IF opposite griffin)

Acquire 26 copper for Mining + pick (trainer in dwarven district of SW)

Acquire 26 copper for skinning + knife (trainer in old town of SW)

Pick up SW flight path for entire team and run toNorthshire Abbey complete-

Investigate Echo Ridge
Kobold Camp Cleanup
Skirmish at Echo Ridge

Head to Goldshire (approx level 3)

Complete Priest class quest - Garments of the light
Complete Fargodeep mine
Complete Jasperlorde mine

Catch Tram to IF and head back to Drawf starting Area and complete- (approx level 4)

The troll cave
the stolen journal
the boar hunter
a refugee's quandary
scalding moonbrew delivery
bring back the mug

move to Kranos and then complete- (approx level 5-6)

Ammo for rumbleshot
shocking jetstream (collection quest but lead on to kill quest)
a favour for evershine (7-8)
those blasted troggs! (8-9)
the public servent (9-10)
frostmane hold (8-9)
protecting the herd (level 11 elite)
The lost pilot
a pilots revenge (11)

Run on to Loch Modan Flight Path then fly back to SW and head into Elwynn (Goldshire inn) and pick up a skin of sweet rum per toon for much later on and complete (approx level 8-9)

Princess must die (9)
Find the lost guards
Manhunt (10)
Protect the Frontier (9-10)
Hogger! (11 elite)
Once the Warrior his level 10 complete his Warrior stance quests

Move onto Westfall and complete- (KEEP ALL HOPS, STRINGY VULTURE MEAT, OKRA, MURLOC EYE, GORETUSK SNOUT) (approx level 10-11)

The Forgotten Heirloom
Furlbrow's Deed (if it droped in elywnn)
The people militia pt1 (11-13)
The people militia pt2 (13-15)
Red leather bandana's (collection quest but you will kill a lot of militia)

Get the Westfall flightpath and now back to Loch Modan to complete- (approx level 11-12)

Filthy Paws (10-14 collection of items on ground quest)
In Defense of the King's Lands pt1 (11-12)
In Defense of the King's Lands pt2 (13-14)
In Defense of the King's Lands pt3 (15-16)
In Defense of the King's Lands pt4 (16-17)
Find Bingles
Bingles missing supplies
A Hunter's Boast (15-16)
A Hunter's Challenge (16-17)
A Dark Threat Looms chain

Back to Westfall and complete- (KEEP ALL HOPS, STRINGY VULTURE MEAT, OKRA, MURLOC EYE, GORETUSK SNOUT) (approx lvl 15-16)
Westfall Stew (collection quests that arnt quest items)

The people militia pt3 (15-18)
Red leather bandana's (drop quest continued)
The defias brotherhood chain
Captain Sander's Hidden Treasure chain
The coast isnt clear (12-19)
The coastial menace (20)

As part of doing the defias botherhood chain you will go to redridge (on way go to duskwood FP and get moonshine from the inn) get the FP and complete- (approx lvl 16-17)

Assessing the threat (15-17)
A free lunch
Dry times (need keg of thunderbrew from thunderbrew quest in southern westfall [need 25 hops], merlot from SW, moonshine from duskwood, sweet rum from goldshire)
Hilary's Necklace
A Baying of Gnolls (17-19)
The Lost Tools

Now head back to Loch Modan for Elite Quests- (approx lvl 17-18)

Vyrin's Revenge (20 elite if not done previously)
A Dark threat looms (18 elite finish chain part of it is in wetlands where we complete algaz gauntlet)
The Algaz Gauntlet (19-21 on way to Wetlands)
Travel on to Menethil Harbour and complete- (approx lvl 19-20)
Tramping Paws (20-22)
Claws from the Deep (20-22)
Then fly from Menethil back to Loch Modan and complete- (approx lvl 19-20)
A Dark threat looms (finish it)
Mercenaries (18-20 elites)
Wanted: Chok'Sul (22 elite)

Fly to SW and Pick up the Deadmines quests from dwarvern district and then fly on to duskwood and complete- (approx lvl 20-21)

The Nights Watch pt1 (21-23)
Eight-Legged Menaces (18-19)
Wolves at our heels (19-21)

Head to Westfall and makes sure you finish the Defias brotherhood chain then its Deadmines time (approx lvl 21-22)

Deadmines quests- (see Tips DM guide on classic WoWhead)

Underground Assault (pick up from dwarven district SW)
The Defias Brotherhood (last quest in chain you have been completing)
Red Silk Bandanas (pick up in Sentinal Hill)
Oh Brother... (pick up in dwarven district SW)
Collecting Memories m(pick up in dwarven district SW)

Grind Deadmines until level 23

Fly to Menethil and get a boat to Theremore Isle. Get the FP then run to ratchet and get all the WC quests- (see Tips WC guide on classic WoWhead)

Smart Drinks (Ratchet)
Trouble at the Docks (Ratchet)
Deviate Hides (above WC)
Deviate Eradication (above WC)
The Glowing Shard (off the end boss of WC)

Hearth back to Eastern Kingdoms and go to Redridge for lvl 25ish quests- (lvl 24)

Howling in the Hills (25)
Blackrock Bounty (24-25)
Tharil'zun (25)
Shadow magic (23 elite drop quest 3 per toon)
An Unwelcome Guest (24)
Glowing shadowhide pendant (drops of lev 25 gnolls)
Wanted: Gath'Ilzogg (26 elite)
Wanted: Lieutenant Fangore (26)

Pick up BFD quests from SW and IF then head to Menethil and catch the boat to Aubadine.. get Aubadine FP then get the boat to Darn. Collect the BFD quest in Darn and train an weapon skills here you may need. Get the Darn FP and fly back to Aubadine and collect Researching the Corruption. Contunue down to the Grove of the Ancients and pick up the escort quest into Ashenvale (lvl 25)

The Sleeper has Awakened
Bathran's Hair (collect quest might be ok with dynamic respawning?)

Then find Talen and complete- (lvl 25)

The Ancient Statuette
Ruuzel (22)

Push on to Astranaar set your hearthstone and get the GP and complete-

Raene's Cleansing pt1

Raene's Cleansing pt2
Culling the Threat (25)
Raene's Cleansing pt3 -Pt8 (as far as you can go)
Elune's Tear

BFD Quests -(see Tips DM guide on classic WoWhead)

Knowledge in the deeps (pick up from Forlorn Cavern in IF)
Researching the corruption (pick up from park in SW then have to go via Aubadine)
Twilight Falls (pick up from craftmans terrace in Darn)
In Search of Thaelrid (pick up from craftmans terrace in Darn)
Blackfathom Villainy (follows on from In Search of Thaelrid in BFD which finishes in Darn)

After completeing BFD hearth back to Astranaar and fly to Darn to complete quests then complete-

Vile Satyr! Dryads in Danger!
Kayneth Stillwind
Forsaken Diseases
Insane Druids

Make sure you have the 2 stonetalon mountain quests from Astanaar and head to Stonetalon Peak and also get Nijals Point in Desolace

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  1. Seekah's Avatar
    Hey mate.

    I am wondering if you tested that route beforehand?
    I just did some math and came to the conclusion that by the time you need to be lvl 14 als a Req questlevel you are missing over 31k exp if you only add up the quest rewards. Minus maybe 2k for exploration exp you are still missing 29k.

    By the time you will be lvl 13 you killed around 150 mobs just for quests. As you will be leveling and killing with 5 toons you will only get 28% of the original exp per mob kill per toon. A lvl 1 mob is normally 50 exp and a lvl 13 mob 110. So if we say the medium exp per mob till 14 is around 80 exp that means that every single toon gets 22 exp per kill. That would mean you need to kill around 1300, minus the 150 quest mobs.

    And that is just lvl 14. I mean I might be wrong but wouldnt it be probally more effective to quest more, even if you have to do the collection quests with 5 toons?