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Dalo's Journey through Multiboxing Classic

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Hi Everyone,

I am creating this blog to track my progress through Classic Wow and keep a detailed account of my process and journey.

I have been multiboxing for years now starting in WOTLK with some 10 man raiding through Naxx.

I am very keen for classic having played it so many years ago where I leveled 3 characters to 60 and raided on a Holy Priest.

My current idea for a 5 man group for Classic is Warrior, 3x Mage, Priest but I am weighing up if I want a druid/lock or even a shaman thrown into one of those mage slots.

As well as this blog I intend to keep up a youtube channel showing how I set up my team as well as detailing dungeon runs and even some of the harder quest chains.

Hopefully we can all work together sharing idea and techniques to make our multiboxing experience as compelling and enjoyable as possible




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