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I will multibox 5 man dungeons in classic too :)

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Goal: 5 man “raidtrash” farming

Survivability is foremost focus. -majority of party should be able to resurrect or soulstone
then “ease” of rotation
overall hit points/avoidance/mitigation is third in importance
quality of life (ie summons, maybe mage water/food) is fourth

Speed of DPS is important as well but is last because my experience shows the previous four things make you get the most gold/hour by decreasing time played per dungeons clear

average playtime in game to get back and forth to repair vendor and recover is lowered by summons/plate wearers

My possible combinations

1 lock 4 Pallys (slow aoe)

2 lock 3 Pallys (medium aoe)

3 lock 2 Pallys (above average aoe)

1 lock 1 Mage 3 Pallys (Nice average of what I want, one paladin can holy the other 2 BOTH tank!)

2 lock 1 Mage 2 Pallys (Really goodAOE)

1 Lock 2 Mage 2 Pallys (Best AOE)

I think the healer should be pally due to wearing plate and mana economy

I need good AOE farming, but also need to survive top preraid last dungeon bosses and most importantly “raid trash”

Any thoughts?

My previous attempt in The Burning Crusade I only got my 5 man mixed team to level 65 in dungeons
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  1. greywahlgren's Avatar
    Survivability is surely foremost.
    lenny face
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