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It's Going Great (So Far)

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I built my new computer (first in six years) last month, so I'm finally able to comfortably multibox for the first time in years. I spent a couple of days finishing out my golden drainy rep (whatever they are called, I refuse to learn) and started a pretty simple team, three mages a priest and a prot paladin. Overall it has been great!

I was a bit afraid after the leveling nerfs we saw last year* but 20 - 60 felt just about right. I quested out two zones that I needed the achievements for and hit all of my favorite dungeons just about once, skipping out on the pain of blackrock mountain dungeons entirely except for one dip in to kill the emperor.

Overall they were easy enough, but with usually a death or two to keep me on my toes (Stratholme dead side and that damn Dire Maul captain were pretty long and brutal). This didn't lead to despair, however, it felt about right because it forced me to keybind more heals and tweak up some cooldown macros.

The one thing that doesn't feel fun anymore, is alas, professions. Heirloom gear takes up all of the slots that I used to supplement joyfully from a tailor or JC, and enchanting just feels incredibly weak and slow to get there (I also didn't realize how seldom you get to trade things to an enchanter now, without rolling). I grabbed skinning on my

*Last year might be any time since 2015 in my brain. PS, the "Manage Attachement" button does not seem to work on Hence the image spam at the bottom!

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