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Dual-Boxing With a Druid

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Most of the classes bring a little something to a multiboxing team. Mages are probably the best with their ability to port the team everywhere, but priests bring levitation to let you jump down without wasting gliders, death knights and their water walking are useful in river and swamp heavy zones, and of course warlocks and shaman can give the team great wipe recovery. Until this week I never thought of druids as especially useful, but all that has changed.

I own the two person rocket mount (and the three person vendor mounts as well, although I never use them for carrying myself around) and as I started this dual-boxing team, made up of my usually-main priest and my second account enchanting alt, I found myself really unexcited about the rocket on the ground. It's fine in the air but I dislike how it moves greasily sliding over hills and roads. I decided to just do regular mount + travel form, but as I was trying out different of my favorite mounts (what about the zhevra? I haven't used it in years! or maybe the rarest mount I own, the funny looking green strider) I accidentally hovered over my second toon and I realized--you can ride a druid! The druid is my favorite kind of mount, beautiful, beautiful moving, and INSTANT CAST.

So far this is my favorite (multiboxing) thing in the expansion. You can even use the wild charge talent to get a tiny speed boost and not dismount your other toon! Have you discovered any convenient class-related tricks lately?

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  1. OnVentUK's Avatar
    When triple-boxing I always use my mammoth, I only have the vendor one so have to mash a little macro to remove the vendors, target the leader and IWT to mount up, makes life so much simpler though throughout levelling up process as you don't have to deal with strays, and you don't attract any attention to yourself with random questions/complaints etc..

    Good idea with the druid though, I pretty much had forgotten about that too!
  2. dracogrintz's Avatar
    The druid is my favorite kind of mount! You can use the wild charge talent to get a tiny speed boost and not dismount your other toon!
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