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Everquest 1 - Returning to Norrath

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Hello Everyone!

I made a post earlier today about returning to EQ1. What started off as me just goofing off and showing my son where his parents met, turned into me deciding to start multiboxing again. I thought EQ1 was going to be a pain in the butt to get back into but it literally was like riding a bike. I think the last time I was in was 2007 so its been awhile.

While I've had a blast with a lot of MMO's post EQ1, it sure was nice getting back into it, and some of its old school rules and mechanics. Some mechanics I missed and some I just forgot about. But I think I've done what I didn't think was possible (more on this in a minute). Let me start with some things I've enjoyed since getting back in:

  • The Spellbook - Loved it, then grew to hate it, but now, I think its kinda cool and it forces you to use what you need.
  • Inventory - Always a nightmare in any game lol. But love how weight plays a big role for things.
  • XP Loss - I was never big on it, and it is easier to deal with now. Still gives me that sense of danger though, which I've found missing from a lot of MMO's.
  • Unbalanced Classes - EQ1 didn't have everything balanced to the T. Still seems to be that way, but I like it. Forces you to rely on other classes and players. Being a multiboxer, it really changes the strategy factor when doing group compositions.

Yeah, I'm weird and find some items like that entertaining. But, coming from games like FFXIV, STO, and Wildstar (just to name a couple), There was no real sense of danger when it came to things unless you were in a massive group or raid. Even then, you could just die, respawn and go on about your business. I grew used to those mechanics and thought thats just how life was nowadays. Sure is nice the EQ1 hasn't really changed all that much even with all of its additions.

When I say that I've done something I didn't think was possible, I'm referring to that feeling of what it was like when you got into your first MMO (which for me was EQ1). The sense of awe, danger, excitement, and the feeling of a vast land waiting for you to explore it. Yes, I've been out of this game for 10 years, but man, getting back into it seems to have satisfied that. Over the past week that I've been back in and multiboxing, I once again have that sense of awe, danger, excitement and that vast land waiting for my team to explore it.

I haven't really entertained any new mechanics or new zones. I ran through the tutorial which I thought was great, but then found myself gearing myself up with my old school twink gear, and running through my old stomping grounds (Paldual Caverns, Crypt of Dalnir, Rathe Mountains to name a few). Not as populated, but still just as fun as ever.

Anyway, thanks for letting me waste your time with this pointless post. But I hope you enjoyed the read. I'll update as time goes on, and with some screenshots of my team.
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