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Two-Monk Joy POW POW

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I've been having a blast this week two-boxing a brewmaster/mistweaver through dungeons (both alone and through LFD) and I just wanted to share that joy. Mistweavers aren't the easy and fun dps powerhouses that they were when they launched but I've spent hours testing a rotation that allows for a lot of kickboxing fun and a living group.
Mistweaver Brewmaster

My secret is that I'm actually leading (into melee) from the healer, so that she is never out of range and unable to trigger eminence. I spinning crane kick a lot with the tank to sweep up aggro on packs as we pull them and my MW has shown this works because she can take a few punches while she dishes them out. In case of emergency you'll also need taunt, silence, and giant green health bubble on keybind. I also make liberal use of monk CC on casters since closing on casters in a full pack with two melee at once is dicey.

Punchy mistweaver rotation (glyphed expel harm and surging mist):

/castsequence [combat] reset=combat Stance of the Spirited Crane, null
/cast Rising Sun Kick
/cast [@focus] chi wave
/castsequence Blackout Kick, Surging Mist
/cast [@focus] Expel Harm
/cast [combat] Chi Brew
/cast Jab
It's not easy but it's fun as hell.

This is how the skills break down as damage/heals (these numbers are from 2 or 3 level 72 dungeons)

You'll also need a GOOD brewmaster rotation that does a good job with passive mitigation or splat.

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  1. JohnGabriel's Avatar
    Do you think you'd be able to take 5 monks or the rotation get a bit much?
  2. luxlunae's Avatar
    Good question! 2 mistweavers would make this safer and give it a little more breathing room, more than that would be a waste dps wise, I think.
  3. emitchell109's Avatar
    I have a 5monk team, and I will fraps my leveling. When I brew tank on a team of 5 I lead with my tank and use a lot of kiting. Granted that was with a full host of Range dps. With melee, it will be interesting. May look into the leading from the healer.
  4. dragonz's Avatar
    Mistweavers aren't the easy and fun dps powerhouses.
  5. RiceBoy1412's Avatar
    I agree with the point that Mistweavers are not as easy and fun dps powerups as they were when they came out. I also have the same situation as you. And while I was stressed, I went to bob the robber to relax. So it really works.
  6. ClitusJobs's Avatar
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