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Getting Started with Like-A-Pro Class macros

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So long time frequenters of the forums and chat rooms will know that there is a vocal group of boxers that is always telling you that you ought to switch to Like-A-Pro configurations. The huge daunting obstacle standing between you and Like-A-Pro is building all of the macros for all of the classes. So I'm going to get you started with an empty set of 68 macros, and show you how you can systematically create all of the basic macros for a class, which you can then mix and match to make the LAP rotations of your dreams.

I started out by generating a blank profile with one macro set and one macro in that set. After that I opened the file in an xml editor (for the curious, it an individual macro for Isboxer looks like this
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and studied the structure, then I duplicated the structure programmatically with 68 different keybinds. The result is the BlankMacro set. Behold its beauty!

For the next part, you might want to follow along. You can download the file I am working with here.

In order to copy the macro set to your own isboxer config file, first open your isboxer configuration. Then open isboxer toolkit again. You will get a warning popup when you open the second instance, click ok. In the second instance of isboxer, open my file, in this case LuxMacroSets.xml. Expand Game Helpers > World of Warcraft > Macro Sets and right click on "Many Blank Macros". Select Copy Wow Macro Set to Clipboard. Then switch to your first IsBoxer Toolkit window, and right click on Macro Sets again, and choose Paste Wow Macro Set from Clipboard. Easy peasy.

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Now you have 68 macros that all /cast nothing! Congrats! Each one is named Nothing (X row), where X indicates what part of the keyboard the keybind comes from. This should help you delete macros appropriately if you already use some alt shift keybinds.
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Now to actually set up a class. There are a few different ways to approach it. You can just leave the set blank and add a new macro each time you learn a spell. You can get on a level 100 of that class and add absolutely all of the spells and talents at once. Or you can split the difference using your spellbook or icy veins as a guide. The idea here is that we are going to create one simple /cast macro for every ability your character needs now (or, if you are thorough, for every spell they may ever need). I also want to emphasize that these macro sets are a starting point, and for raid level dps it is almost always necessary to have some additional castsequence macros in addition to the pure /cast macros.

Macro formatting. Think about how you use macros and what is important to know about a spell before you start. You can see from this example that I think of many spells as belonging to specific categories, and I have zero intention of remembering forever the name of every CC, taunt, CD, and buff in the game. To make my life easier, I name the macros not just with the spell name, but also if it belongs to one or more of these categories: talent, speed, dot, cc, object (creating objects is mostly a mage/warlock thing), pet, cd, aoe, gaoe, move, buff, interrupt, rez. Depending on your needs you may prefer to just have one term for both aoe and ground aoe spells (I don't advise that, since ground aoe requires a click through follow up) or you may wish to distinguish between normal aoe and cleave mechanisms. You may care whether or not something is a stun or an interrupt, or want to distinguish self heals or other kinds of heals in some way. I think what I am using here is pretty minimal and simplistic in terms of categories. For example, other than "Damage Over Time" spells, I didn't flag different kinds of dps spells with anything. (Nukes, executes, instants). The reason it was important to me to mark dots is because they are the only spell that isn't /cast Spell by default. Rather I use /castsequence reset=target Spell, null for dots to avoid wasting them.
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For warlock, I started with going through all of the talents in the talent pane and writing down every talent that didn't say "passive". I then went through all three specs for my live character and wrote down all of the spells, reading the tooltips to remind myself what categories each spell might belong to.

And that's it!

If you want to see how the warlock macros came out, or use the blank macro set to work on your own class, you can get my otherwise blank ISBoxer settings file here.
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FAQ: What is like-a-pro and how can I get started?
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  1. Wubsie's Avatar
    Just wanted to thank you for this. Doing a major overhaul of my setup for legion and I've decided to move as much of it as I can in to ISBoxer, so this gets me well on my way. ^^
  2. Malixk's Avatar
    Thanks a bunch. Made one for paladins with all specs out of the blank one.

    Onedrive link:!Am6cpekQQIitmMorXKiQzGZOpf2sgg