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Ding 1000

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Time to play catch up, what have I been doing lately?

Recently I hit Draenor with SRS 2, it took a couple of days worth of questing but I ground my way through to level 100. Overall this team probably does about as much damage as my main team, despite the poor showing from my ele Shaman, seriously she's weaksauce.

The UI is pretty much straightened out...

As the caption suggests, I'm pretty happy with where my UI is at this point. There's still a few things I want to work out however, buffs/debuffs is a big one. And my minimap. So, work in progress still.

Yay, I get to delete 3 mounts!

Thanks to the limitations Blizzard has on accounts, I have to have a second bnet account to run a full set of ten characters. Which is unfortunate, seriously for just two characters *sigh*

That means though that mount dropping rares like this one are nice, since both bnet accounts get it simultaneously. It does mean however, I have to delete the extras. After I actually hit max level I decided to run my team through ICC 25 to not only unlock Heroic for both bnet accounts but to give me a rough stress test, and I have to say my machine held out nicely.

Heroic Lich King is surprisingly easy when you're not herding cats...

The most surprising thing about this run is that I didn't lose any of my minions once, while questing or even doing dungeons I frequently have to go back because a Mage gets stuck on the stairs or something. And I figured that with the extra strain on the system this was going to be a rampant problem, but I didn't encounter any type of stuttering or any other performance issues from any of the ten accounts. So, as a proof of concept it worked beautifully.

While we're on the subject of Icecrown Citadel, I should also mention that I'm on my way to completing Shadowmourne again. I did it with Khaas back when it was current content, but now I'm doing it as many times as I can, but more on that later...

ALSO surprisingly easy to do when you're not herding cats...

For now, I'm just happy to see how easy it is to complete with my current setup. With that out of the way, let's look at the other guys for a minute...

With my available RAF time ticking down to nothing, I'm working on getting a few extras together. I mentioned previously how I wanted to have tertiary teams that would be available as substitutions for raiding and also just as a change of pace. Though farming isn't out of the question for these guys either, and there's always PVP as an option for when I get the itch. Basically, if I'm thoughtful now I can have a huge army of alts to use as I see fit. And since I have those free 100 boosts from Legion, I figured why not go for it?

Have you tried NOT being a Paladin?

Yes, what you're seeing in the picture above you is indeed a full set of five Paladins. Yes, I boxed them to 60. No, I don't like no endorse multiple melee boxing. If anything, the experience only reinforced that dislike. GG was it awful, took longer than a normal group too. I've gotten to the point where I can run from 1-70 in a single session with RAF + Heirlooms using a Paladin, 3 Hunters, and a Priest. All Paladins though? Took all week, to get to 60. FFS.


I'm exaggerating, but not by much. I have no interest in levelling this team to 100 myself, so I'll be using my Legion boosts to put them all to max. Seeing as how they're already level 60, that will come with maxed professions and buildings. Which in their case is Tailoring and Alchemy if memory serves.

Tailoring, wtf?
Bags... More bags!

I'm looking at something like 50-100 level 100s here. That's a lot of bags. That and they're still selling around 1k each. I can already make about 4 per day. So yeah, not bad.

I'm making a couple of individual subs for my secondary team as well, I made a Mage to sub for my Shaman for example. And a Warlock for one of the Hunters. I'll probably make a set of tanks for the Paladin, actually I already have I'll just need to transfer them there later. My main account has a full set of boosted plate wearers ready to get their Shadowmourne on. Yeah it's a WHOLE lot of characters under my control, which requires a WHOLE lot of management, which will be a post or series of posts on it's own at a later time.

If you'd like to catch up on previous posts or see what other stuff I'm up to, you can check out my other blog SRS Business. You can also find me on Twitter @SuperDuperSRS


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