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An Introduction

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Gentlemen, ladies... First an apology: this will not be a short introduction. However, I do hope it will be an informative, if not enjoyable one. So, if brevity is your thing then you may want to skim this or even avoid this one altogether. And with that out of the way, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Keith. I'm a 36 year old stay at home dad and gamer. I'm a bearded Southern gent of many interests. For our purposes, we'll focus on World of Warcraft and more specifically boxing...

I've been playing World of Warcraft off and on since Beta, but I started boxing long before that. My first experience with boxing goes back to 2001 and the game EverQuest. Back then, I was playing a Shaman named Horaxe on the Tarew Marr server. I noted tank friends running secondary accounts to heal themselves, back then MMOs were quite a bit different in a lot of ways comparitive to something like WoW. The concept of raiding for example was considerably less formal than what we think of today. There were really two schools of thought when it came to killing raid bosses: zerg it or skill it.

There was no raid group UI or anything, so the tanks would have a Cleric on a second computer with a Heal macro they could hit if somebody in the raid was asleep at the wheel. The same amount of loot dropped if there were 15 people killing the boss as if 97 were taking part in the fight, so we could do things like that back then.

When not raiding though I wanted to farm for plat or AAs, so I usually duod with a strong melee like a Shadow Knight. But finding one took time if one I knew wasn't online or was otherwise occupied. So, I started running my own. Later, when I switched to the Sullon Zek server I encountered a group of Dark Elves with suspiciously similar names. No, I'd never met them before, but they were all variations of the name Sam in some way. I found out he was controlling all six of them, and in fact had a seventh at the bazaar selling his booty while he went off to fight.

Sam was a weird guy, we never got what I'd call close. But I learned a few things from him. By that time I was running with my roommates. One was playing a Shadow Knight, another a Shaman, another a Cleric. I was playing Wizard and Enchanter. It was around that time that the beta for WoW was released and we all sorta lost the little interest we had left for EQ. Originally I got suckered into playing a Mage in WoW, then I rerolled as a Lock but got suckered into rerolling as Alliance.

By the time Burning Crusade was released I was back on the Horde, on a server I would call home for many years and expansions: Bloodscalp. I was tired of raiding by that point and had moved on to trying to accomplish things on my own, I started playing around with building multiple computers and trying to figure out how exactly to get my own group of characters running and fighting together when I read an article about a guy who had cleared Karazhan entirely on his own. Nixi's story was that he had a full set of ten accounts with his team spread across them. He used a combination of hardware and software to control them all. And like that, I was downloading Keyclone.

I started with a Paladin and four Shamans, which in 2008 was about as basic as it got for a boxing team. Eventually I started mixing things up, adding a Boomkin, Mage, and Priest in place of Shamans. I was doing well, and I was starting to tank a bit with my friends in some raid encounters (like Karazhan). When Wrath of the Lich King dropped however, my Paladin began riding the pine in favor of my new main, Khaas the Death Knight. I ran Khaas and my Shamans through Heroics for a while, but my guild was getting interested in raiding with the introduction of 10/25 man raids. I quickly became the main tank of what was rapidly turning into a raiding guild, we went on to become the top raiding guild on Bloodscalp. Cataclysm spelled the end for me in terms of raiding and Bloodscalp. I quit WoW entirely until Warlords of Draenor was released.

I had a false start on Blackhand, I got back on my old Death Knight and found I wasn't interested in LFR or really anything involving other players. They say that hell is other people, nowhere is that more true than in MMOs. I decided I wanted to start boxing again, and I wanted to start over, fresh.

So, I spent the holidays plotting and planning, by the New Year I had a new home and a whole new set of characters working their way to 100. Now, I'm on Staghelm and my team of ten is maxed out. I'm building my Garrisons, equipping my minions and followers. Soon I will be stepping into raids again, but I'll be all alone. I look forward to the challenge...
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