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My Downfall and the Rise of Multiboxing

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Frustration, that is why I now Multibox.

Having played world of warcraft since launch day in the UK and been a serious RPer on a Neverwinter Nights server (Glorwing, before wow existed) I was all ways keen to be involved with interaction with other players, and was in a newly formed Guild with in hours and have enjoyed the game over many years doing all the guild runs and team play, but a problem was looming...

I am an ex military man, I was in a heavy artillery unit for a long time in Germany and during my leisure time, I played guitar in a pop band and as a result, the years have not been kind to my ears, so when wow suddenly started to get really serious over raids and voice comms became vogue, my guild tells me, "ya have to have ventrilo for all guild runs now"

Well, I did not under stand most of the conversations over Ventrilo, most everyone sounded as if they were underwater and garbled and when I said I had problem with comms I was dropped, which kind of surprised me as I had been the guild healer for the past 5 years and everyone had always been happy with my healing.

So I ended up sat in guild chat with no one to play with, except when someone wanted a boost with there alts... so I quit. I started dual boxing with HotKeyNet using 2 PC's which was fun for a while, But I did miss the guild dungeon runs and the quality of the pickup groups is just sad most of the time and used to drive me nuts, so I bought Isboxer and now box 5 on 1 PC.

It works well and I always understand what I am saying to myself :-).

I am often in the IsBoxer chat room as Poise
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  1. Vecter's Avatar
    Nice to have you in the community, we won't judge....much You should also hop on the dual-boxing chat on Quakenet and hang with a few of us there.