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How Crum got started, and why he doesn't wear pants!

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I started multiboxing back in 2005(give or take 6 months), I think it was December. I had just moved from Germany to California and was on exodus(fancy way for Army peeps to say Christmas vacation) and I couldn’t go see my family so I tried out this game one of my soldiers was clamoring about; World of Warcraft. I loaded it up and rolled a human warlock on Bonechewer(because that’s where the dudes from Penny arcade were playing and hey, who doesn’t want to see some internet celebrities?). While in the character create screen I was watching robot chicken, and it was the episode that parodied Harry Potter, which landed me on the name Pubertus. So there I stood, bald on top and party in the rear, red haired, huge mustached pervert warlock. I was ready for anything!

Loading into the game for the first time, the first thing I saw was some dude running by in Northshire with 4 toons on follow named Humpty, Dumpty, Rumpty, Pumpty, and Karl. I was amazed, I thought to myself how does that even work? Is he some sort of warlock? Wait… I’m a warlock! I took all my toons clothes off and ran over to him and started /dancing for him and said in /s “I will stop dancing if you tell me how you do that!” He whispered me and told me about a program called keyclone and directed me to their website. He gave me 5g and left on his merry way. Now back in 2005/2006 5g was a lot of money. He could have taken me out to the vineyard and plowed me like a fresh Canadian snowy road for 5g. I logged right out, 0xp, level1, and went and paid for 4 more accounts and this fabled Keyclone program.

It took a while to figure out what macro’s were, how to properly set everything up, and how to keep my peeps all in a line. I ended up with a team of 5 warlocks: Pubertus, Onearmham, Hamsandwich, Twoarmham, and Moosefeet. I leveled mostly by grinding, As some of the people here who play with me know I am an Asian at heart, I love to just walk around and kill for hours while sipping scotch and watching cartoons… AMERICA! I made all 5 to 60 about Nov of 2006 and I spent all my time in Silithus grinding for gold and then selling it on sites direct to players to supplement my nasty bar habbit.

When TBC dropped we gained access to Shaman on the Alliance and my world turned upside down. I stopped boxing and leveled up a space goat shaman to 70 and started single boxing raids competitively. I never did Sunwell but our guild was top 10 on kills of Illidan. Once we downed the blind ninja our guild fell apart and I leveled my 5 warlocks up to 70 and trolled around Nagrand for tail (animal tales, to sell, to make gold to buy mounts and stuff, I was officially outta the gold game). I started to see more and more multiboxers out there and was wondering if there was a community out there for cool peeps like me where I could meet and chat up people that wouldn’t scream cheater or bot at me, and any exposure of junk would be entirely consensual.

In May through some vigorous googling I found and just browsed the forums, kinda got a feel for the community, stole their tips and tricks, and upped my game. I upgraded to 15 accounts and became a menace on my server ganking horde and putting on shows. In June I signed up for the site and became enamored with multiboxing shamans with the hopes of doing arena. It looked so fun, and looked so easy! I was wrong about the easy in arena parts but boy was it fun. In August I dipped my toe into the forums and made my first post: I mean… look how nice and not asshole I am… totally a front, I just wanted some good help

I boxed shamans into WotLK and did no raiding until ICC. I saw a post by bear saying they were looking for more people for DiT and I figured hey, why not? I have a history of endgame raiding and could use the break. I signed up, put my man pants on broke on through to the other side. I started raiding on my lock after transferring it over and eventually ended up playing with my Holy Pally and solo healing Heroic ICC as we attempted to progress heroic. It was a blast! I started peeling back the many layers of my awesomeness to the group. MiRai was the main tank and we would shoot the shit on vent, Svper and Vecter were the old wise farts. Dan was the man dying at an old age of reverse Benjamin Button Syndrome. I believe Spver and Vecter were Bear and Tree at the time, vecter taking on his dendrophiliac persona at the time… Kalhun? Kalhaun? Kalahan? Callahan Auto Body? Something like that. Raiding with them and getting to know some other boxers really cemented me in the community. I ended up getting more accounts and on the off-hours 25 boxing doing random things around the realms.

The raid group ended after dropping the LK, and we all kinda farted around the realms and did our own thing but we all still virtually hang out. MiRai and I are constantly delving into games over seas to try them out. Vecter and I both have no direction in life and exchange bathroom selfies. I actually met Svper and Dan in person, we had steak. Well they had steak I buy MiRai pizza now and then. Lax doesn’t perma ban me. I have been to PveMuffinTop’s house, taught his daughter how to harass waitresses and throw things in restaurants.

This community has become more than a web-group for me, it’s become a second home but without all the porn.
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