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Old Grumpy Man Taking Care of His Lawn

The Start of Something Wonderful...I think.

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Back in 2003 or 2004 I was involved with a group developing a new game. We all played EQ and had a desire to create our own MMO. Boundless Adventures was formed by Brian Quackenbush and I joined in to help with design, development and testing. You can imagine the raw state things were at and building from scratch was a pretty larger undertaking for a group of 4. We did create a nice world seed generator that was fun to play with.

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This lasted a year and a half and we ended up scrapping it as World of Warcraft basically did what we wanted, and was such a graphical increase over EQ we really didn’t have the manpower to even come close. It was a blast and I was able to get a ton of learning experience.

However the group did not die. One of the members had some money to spend from his parents so he decided to kick off a new turn-based strategy game. After some initial trial and error we ended up with a pretty sophisticated solution, and Space Hamsters was born.

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We developed this for a few years, spent a ton of his money but in the end finding a solution that gave us a stable backend was difficult. Database design with real-time gameplay was tough! I still have all the code and database backups and have considered trying to get it active again, perhaps one day. Again great times and lots of experience gained.

So why did I waste all your time will all that? No idea. Where does Warcraft fit into all of this? Well we all played it. I had some pretty early characters on an account from 2004 but that has since been passed around to multiple people, of which I do not know if my characters still exist.

I am not exactly sure how I found, it must have been from some in-game chat. From there I started to 3 box (Druid, Shaman, Lock) and soon after Svpernova felt sorry for me and recruited me into the family. We raided a bit through Wrath and I have been boxing ever since. I have 3-boxed, 5-boxed and lol10-boxed, currently 5-boxing Wow with a couple different teams. I enjoy the ability to do things on my own and to not be tied to a schedule or on someone else’s time-frame. While I am nowhere near the top of the boxers I can get things done and am able to enjoy it.

As for the future I plan to box into Legion, although I wouldn’t mind getting into a casual raid setting. Not sure what team I will play or how many. Right now I am thinking of 3-boxing as that seems to be my sweet point with controlling and handling in-game content. Until then I will sloth through WoD and enjoy sitting in my garrisons doing nothing.