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How I got started multiboxing

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I started to multibox World of Warcraft sometime at the end of the Burning Crusade Expansion. I had just earned my "Champion of the Naaru" title and because I was not raiding Black Temple, I was pretty much done for that expansion. I was a crazy casual noob who insisted bears could tank and did a lot of Karazhan to Tempest Keep / Serpentshrine Caverns raiding in a causal raiding guild.

I remember I was frustrated and tired of how bear tanks were at the end of Burning Crusade and I wanted to checkout some player vs player to see if maybe that appealed to me. Turns out I was pretty terrible at that as well. I went out in search of videos of WoW PvP'ers to try to learn how to do better in arenas and battlegrounds. I came across this crazy person named Bradster who was doing this weird "multiboxing" thing where he played a bunch of characters himself. I was instantly intrigued and started coming across posts here at by Bradster, Xzin, Stealthy, Morganti and Ellay about their crazy multiboxing rigs.

The next day I fired up a 3 brand new accounts and started multiboxing three shaman. I had this grand idea I was going to be amazing at PvP. Turns out if you're not very good with one character, you're not very good with three, or that's how it worked out with me. Once I had my shaman up to max level I brought my 2 old accounts back into the fold and started multiboxing Druid, three shaman, and a warlock to run dungeons. The ability to run my own dungeons really appealed to me.

I spent a lot of time here on the forums because when I was not working or learning webdev stuff I was multiboxing, or reading about multiboxing. I eventually joined the ranks here to help Ellay run the site since he wasn't a very hands on administrator. I had a blast running the forums through the good times and the bad. Looking back I learned so much about myself and how to treat other people. Helping run was my introduction into community management that helped guide me spawning a ton of real life community organizations.

Through I've met and befriended some amazing people. Vecter and MiRai were the first people I really interacted with here that I still talk to today. I've made a lot more friends since getting started here and I'm always excited to meet new people. I started out multiboxing because it looked really fun and cool and made a bunch of friends in the process.

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  1. Vecter's Avatar
    The notion that boxing is solitary because we choose to play the game without the need to get other people, when in fact we've created lasting friendships through our boxing experiences! I just don't think I would be boxing today if I hadn't met the people in the boxing community. Nice read!
  2. Ellay's Avatar
    I appreciate reading this and really enjoy the history it brings with it. I need to read more now.