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[Diablo]Multiboxing 4 Wizards for the loot

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So I enjoy playing the seasons as they come out. It forces you to start over and incorporate some new legendary items that can significantly alter a build's power/usefulness. With this new season I decided to go Wizard. Usually when I box diablo its to conquer content for the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with beating content as four people, but this season is different. I decided to make a push for the leaderboards, solo.

I started off by getting my Wiz to 70 and getting the Vyr's set, Fazula's belt, Halo of Arlyse, and Chantodo's Will/Force. Along with those pieces and with the Parthan Defender bracers and a convention of the elements, I was able to jump up from GR20 I was using to farm all this, to 40 almost instantly.

Now comes the farming to get the ancient pieces with perfect rolls I need to hit that leaderboard. Farming GR40-50 is good, and yields good loot and shards, but you know what is even better?

4 times the loot from GR35-40.

I leveled up 3 other wizards quickly by parking them at the zone in for rifts on T6 and just blowing through on my wizard, teleporting the slaves to my toon as I changed floors. It took about 25 minutes to go 1-70 for those 3.

Now I load up a GR and park them at entrance and just do my thing, kill the Rift Guardian, and port and collect the loot. Hand over everything after identified to my main, shard it if its not an upgrade, and repeat.

My paper napkin math shows that a GR40 takes me solo about 7 minutes, and nets on average (sample pool of 10 GR) about 2.8 legendariy/set pieces. GR35 with 3 slaves parked takes me about 5 minutes with good density, 7 with bad density, and nets about 2.1 legendary's per a toon per a run, bringing it to 8.4 per a run, in about the same time.

I wish I would have started this method at the beginning right after I geared the first wizard but I just chugging away solo, as I think this will speed up my ascension onto the boards much much quicker.

I know none of this is new, but I had never used this approach of using the slaves solely for their bodies and loot, and found it interesting.

My current needs/wants for GR pushing is a couple unity rings, an ancient... everything, and some help from our lord and savior RNGeezus.

I will even be trying this method with other classes, this is less of multiboxing and more of mule abuse.

Updated 09-30-2015 at 07:59 PM by Crum1515

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