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Multiboxing For Free

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(Limited) Multiboxing World of Warcraft for free, the future is almost here. And almost free.
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With the invention of veteran accounts it should now be possible to multibox (up to level 20) with only one paid account (for doing group invite), and with the invention of the wow token, that one account can hypothetically be free (assuming you already own multiple accounts, if not, wait for another $5 to $10 game sale, these happen usually twice a year).

Although multiboxers are hardly the most price-conscious of gamers, the ability to at least play around with our hobby at little expense is intriguing. I've started a group of monks that will be xp locked at 20 just to play around with it. Doing lower level dungeons has long been my favorite part of multiboxing, so we will see how many iterations of stockadess it takes to wear me out!

For now I'm still using ISBoxer (which costs between $3 and $5 a month, depending on if you buy in bulk), but any hobby I can do for the cost of a latte might as well be free. Next month when my 2 year sub runs out I might finally try HotKeyNet, but don't hold your breath!

5/7 Update: I was able to ticket to get at inactive accounts long enough to put gold on them, but the process took three tickets and you might just want to pay the money one last time rather than hassle with it.

Interested in trying ISBoxer? Use my referral link or the code #6653-luxblog and we both get some extra time if you decide to sign up!

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