• Tips for Multiboxers in FFXIV

    I just wanted to share a few things I have been doing with my 4 box team in FFXIV. This might all be known.. but thought I would share it anyway.

    First thing ill talk about is Leves or ( levemetes..levequests etc.. ) In particular>>battlecraft leves. They just recently received an exp buff. Before the buff.. they were not really worth the time. Now that they give great exp I'll share a tip. For now ( unless this gets nerfed ) you can take the levequests on a toon...let that toon just sit at the quest NPC and you can be grouped with a high level ( or in my case 3 other toons ) and "power level" the objectives with your high level toon(s). You activate the levemete ( or initiate it as its called in game ) from anywhere in that zone.. so in this case..the low level toon initiates the quest standing at the quest npc, and the power leveling toon(s) complete the objectives. Now the point of doing this is you get exp and coin bonus for two things when you complete a leve.. how fast you completed it, and how hard it was ( you set the difficulty from zero to 4 levels above you before it starts ) And, at least for now, your high level toon can blow through it super fast and you still get the full bonus for speed and difficulty on the low level it one of the easiest way to "PL" that i have found.

    You only get a handful of levemete allowances per day, so this is not unlimited. I save them up and do them when i have about 20 or so ( you can save up to a max of 100 allowances ). Another side bonus is you will get a lot of potions and pink gear from treasure chests during an active leve.

    The other PLing method is the tried and true "tagging". So you have an un-grouped power leveler(s) kill mobs you tag on the lowbie.

    Another thing i wanted to share is a money making tip. And its known and simple.. even more simple for boxers. Its called materia farming. Materia are items you get from "converting fully spiritbonded gear into a "gem" or item that has stats ( like gems in WoW ) and you can place it in sockets on some gear. level4 materia sells for 10-90k now.. that will go down in time.. but even if it was 5-10k.. it would be easy money for boxers.. long after it stops being so for soloers. You can equip many pieces and spiritbond multiple pieces at a time. This is only viable at max level. the lower level matria is not worth as much.

    Thats it fr now..if you are boxing FFVIV and have any tips or advice for this game.. please do tell!
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      Lyonheart -
      I wanted to add somthing I just discovered. Once you have your 1st level 50, you can now do those levemetes as a lower level. For example.. i just got a levemete with my level 17 archer at a level 45 levemete NPC, i then completed the quest with the rest of my team ( all level 50 ) and the archer just stayed at the NPC and was able to turn the quest in. Now you will only get level appropriate exp..but will will get level 45+ items as a reward. So although the exp is the same as if you did the quest at a level appropriate NPC quest giver, your rewards are better to do the high level one.. you can sell some of the quest items on the market for a lot.

      So in short, after you level your main .. level you alt classes as explained above 8)
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