• [Video] An early overview of multiboxing in Rift

    In this video I break down some thoughts after multiboxing Rift for the past few days with a sneak peek of leveling dungeons. I'll likely create a follow up video in the future as I level up further and the gameplay evolves for me.

    There wasn't much structure to this video. I should really stop recording things on Sunday mornings before coffee. The following is a loose transcript.

    Leveling up you will auto scale to the highest level of the dungeon. The character in this video are actually level 22.
    Must have 1 tank, 2 dps, 1 support 1 healer. Much like in WoW, you can swap talents once in a dungeon.
    Souls aren't very balanced. Souls are the talent specs for each class. There are 5 classes with about 8 (9 if you count pvp) souls for each class.
    In this video I'm playing a cleric tank, 3 rogues (1 is support because I didn't change specs), and a chloromancer for heals.

    Chloromancers are a lot of fun to heal with. They're like the disc priests of WoW with direct healing.

    This game is a WoW clone and steals a lot of concepts from other games. It doesn't really execute all of these features to 100% and is overall clunky, but it is a fun game and should offer you plenty to do for a while.

    The primary feature is Rifts. While I haven't had the same experience with them now as I had in vanilla, they are a really fun feature in the game and I'm hoping once max level that feeling will return.

    Level cap is 70. Once you reach 65, you're in the "latest expansion." Leveling path is pretty linear. You either quest through the game in order, or you do what they call Instant Adventures. Instant Adventures is absolutely the best way to level, but if you want to experience the story, you can do that, and it's not a huge penalty. You do however lose a lot of efficiency having to travel.

    You do have to create your own macros since there is no game helper like in World of Warcraft. That being said, repeater works for macro creation. Keybindings and UI settings can actually be exported and imported by the game client using slash commands, which is really nifty.

    Free to play - with a pretty balanced $$ model from what I can tell so far. $15 sub fee will get you 40% bonus xp. I've been playing without the Patron sub just to see how slow it is without the boost.
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    1. Mokoi's Avatar
      Mokoi -
      Is multiboxing allowed now? I left RIFT a while ago because they took a strong stance against multiboxing.

      It was legit so much fun in vanilla lvling up in BGs, you could one shot everyone and it was so OP. then you got to max lvl and got owned by everyone over and over. Cleric FTW.
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