• 8x Boomkin WPVP


    I've slowly been acquiring clips after 6.2 landed, and finally I had enough to put together a compilation of some of the good times I've had in this patch playing either by myself, or with others (boxers and/or people single toons).

    So without further ado:

    Nothing too fancy, and I mainly make these to amuse myself when bored.

    What to expect:
    - Cooldown stacked AOE yolo
    - Balanced items
    - A spot of lag
    - Varying numbers on both sides

    What not to expect:
    - Perfect gameplay or super high skill
    - Arena/BGs
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    1. Ughmahedhurtz's Avatar
      Ughmahedhurtz -
      Well done. Very enjoyable.
    1. mikekim's Avatar
      mikekim -
    1. emitchell109's Avatar
      emitchell109 -
      Wubsie I am curious as to how or what you do for your garrisons on those Boomies!

      Love the wPvp vids. Let me know next time you raid Alli main town. I am down to drag 5 MM hunts into the fray!
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