• A Tale of Boosted Team

    I returned to WOW and boxing after taking off for several months post the great /Follow nerf to BGs and Boxers. Well I recently got the bug and returned to hit up some new stuff. As usual wanted to shake it up so I grabbed a warrior and four disc priest. Ended up joining a random guild for some signature money that was level one at the time and commenced to get it ground up to level 5-6. Well after dinging level 31-32 I took the plunge and upgrade my five accounts to WoD.

    Ended up at the shrine. Updated my macros marveled at my spiffy green gear and of course headed off to timeless isle. One the first day I managed to get most of my team into 3-8 pieces of timeless gear. I also ran two scenarios with a guild mate, with my tank and a disc priest. Later I went back to isle and continued to quest/grind chest.

    Feeling confident with my new gear I thought heck, lets try a heroic. I initially just queued up random heroic and bagged Shadow Pan Garrison, got to last boss and died badly. It was late and my bedtime so I logged. Later after some good sleep I thought I would try following Khatovar's guide I banged out Scarlet Monastery and then Mogushan palace. Feeling pretty pumped at that point I started to gem and enchant my tank's gear and will see if I can plug through a few more instances.

    Hate to admit it but it is good to be back.
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      MiRai -
      I reckon that Shadow Pan Monastery is one of the toughest instances to do, but since you made it to the final boss there really shouldn't be too much more to worry about.
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