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    Hey mate.

    I am wondering if you tested that route beforehand?
    I just did some math and came to the conclusion that by the time you need to be lvl 14 als a Req questlevel you are missing over 31k exp if you only add up the quest rewards. Minus maybe 2k for exploration exp you are still missing 29k.

    By the time you will be lvl 13 you killed around 150 mobs just for quests. As you will be leveling and killing with 5 toons you will only get 28% of the original exp per mob kill per toon. A lvl 1 mob is normally 50 exp and a lvl 13 mob 110. So if we say the medium exp per mob till 14 is around 80 exp that means that every single toon gets 22 exp per kill. That would mean you need to kill around 1300, minus the 150 quest mobs.

    And that is just lvl 14. I mean I might be wrong but wouldnt it be probally more effective to quest more, even if you have to do the collection quests with 5 toons?