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  1. Home Again, Home Again...?

    It's been nearly 2 years since my last entry, and just about as long since I last played WoW, but the closer we get to the newest expansion, the stronger the draw to come back has become.

    I haven't been very excited about WoD. Outside of scanning posts that come up here, I haven't a clue about what's changed, mostly because change seems to be the exception these days. Sure, while MoP was a welcome change after Catastrophe, er, Cataclysm, it just kind of sat there doing a whole lot ...
  2. Khat Fishing

    Not too long ago, I mentioned in IRC that I'd hit Zen Master Fishing on my whole team. In the interest of having something to post, I decided to blog a little about fishing.

    Granted, this isn't anything new. You can find posts random posts going back forever on multiboxing fishing, so it's not really a how-to post. It's just a random time-waster post about my experience with it.


    It's ...
  3. Downtime, whooties!

    I know, downtime is not generally met with serious cheers, but in this case, it means I get to actually stop playing and make a blog post. I have been totally sucking at that lately.

    Really, it's probably too early for me to open my mouth, but I've already been kept busy with this expansion longer than I was with Cata, so that's a win right there.

    This time around I went out of my way to avoid dungeons. I only ran 3 out of the 4 non-heroics while leveling - and by ...

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  4. Guild Go Ding

    I haven't spent much time actually playing WoW for the majority of Cataclysm. I think my slave accounts were active for a total of 5 months - 2 at the start and some random time towards the middle when I was hoping all the suckage was removed. So, I never really had any aspirations toward maxing my guild at any point.

    But, Blizzard was nice enough to not only remove the daily guild XP cap and the cap on daily quests, but also to make every green+ quest turn in, no matter the toon ...
  5. Witty Title Line Goes Here

    Raarrr @ game changing patches. I have no idea why it takes so long to get back up and running after things change. I didn't think anything that I was doing was all that complicated, but it still took me days before I was ready to actually leave town and do something with my team.

    It certainly doesn't help that something is screwy with macros on Blizzards end so I can't even be sure that the macros I fixed stayed fixed. Shock of the week, Blizzard still doesn't provide enough macro ...
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