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Herding Khats

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  1. Witty Title Line Goes Here

    Raarrr @ game changing patches. I have no idea why it takes so long to get back up and running after things change. I didn't think anything that I was doing was all that complicated, but it still took me days before I was ready to actually leave town and do something with my team.

    It certainly doesn't help that something is screwy with macros on Blizzards end so I can't even be sure that the macros I fixed stayed fixed. Shock of the week, Blizzard still doesn't provide enough macro ...
  2. It's Getting To Be That Time

    We're not too far off of expansion time, so I've brought all my slaves back from the dead. And, of course that means I get to play with my HKN code. Is it wrong that I was more excited about trying a few new things with my script than I am about the actual expansion?

    This time around, I added mouseover movement and mouseover follow to the Jamba Team list and autoassist to the Jamba Item Use bar.

    Then I tweaked my loot comparison from the last post so it's all one key ...
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