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    Quote Originally Posted by Ñightsham
    Does this method of creating a lvl 25 guild still work?
    Not sure why it wouldn't. I don't recall anything having changed since I did it.
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    Does this method of creating a lvl 25 guild still work?
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    Posting the crosslink since the article and blog post don't share comments
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    ok guys thx a lot. I was using the old macro system.. i missed the memo about them breaking you being able to save custom views with a macro lol. I am also using "/script SetView (4); SetView (4)" now and its perfect 8) I have now replaced my old out of date AoE macros to use view 4 as well 8) now that i got this figured out.. i have 7 accounts with 85 or higher gnomes! 8 Box Khat I come!
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    Like Luxlunae said, they have to be identical. My macro only uses

    /script SetView (4); SetView (4)

    It looks like the macro you are using is setting your toons to the same default view {assuming you've never changed it}, zooming the camera out and then saving that view every time you hit the button. Except the zoom isn't instant while the setview and saveview are.

    What you may be running into is the save happening before the camera finishes zooming and overwriting the original setview. And since you're calling the same thing every time you're hitting the key, it could be slightly altering the final view every time.

    I know when I first set up my setview it all looked right and worked well enough in regards to just using it for AOE. When I moved to using it for IWM it wasn't as close as I thought. When I called it and went into the and looked at the cameraSavedDistance and cameraSavedPitch the numbers were all slightly off.
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    Are you sure all of your views are identical? You have to jump through the set view hoops in this tutorial first "similar" isn't going to be good enough!–-part-5/

    and then to actually change to the view its "/run SetView(2)" in the in game macro (I put that on the same key that sends down to the master and up to the slaves).
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    I'm using

    /script SetView(1);SetView(1)
    /script CameraZoomOut(20)
    /script SaveView(1);SaveView(1);

    But it does not seem to work right. When i hit it they all go to a similar angle and view.. but the hooks are not all near the same bobber. I'm using 5 stacked gnomes. Is that macro i used an old one that's not up to code?
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    Great to hear you got it working, Lyonheart! My husband started the Cloud Serpent dailies last night and needed Golden Carp so I popped out for half an hour with my team. He was totally dumbfounded when he opened the guild bank and saw more than 200 fish waiting for him in there!
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    Been trying to get this to work with ISboxer and can not get the slaves to click the bobbers. I just toggle mouse broadcasting on.. have them all set to one of my mouse buttons for IWM. Even with the screens lined up the same ( 5 gnomes ). I can see their "hook" over the bobbers but they are not IWMing with them.

    Been dying to try this! Fish sell for way too much!

    update. For some reason it was not passing my mouse button (shift+~) i was using for IWM.. . so i just bound it to 2 to see if that would work.. it works like a charm! Grea thing about my gnomes ..besides all being teh same size, is they are Zen Flight+ fishing on water+ WIN!!
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    Can't wait to try it!
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    I don't see why not, ISBoxer also has mouse passing from my understanding. From what I recall in my days of using it, it even had the cursor duplicated so you could see it on all the windows at once, so it would be easier to see if you're lined up properly.
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    You're awesome khat. Would this work with isboxer too? I was thinking turn off click to move and just mouse broadcast? Haven't tried it yet.
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    Great post!
    Have to figure out too much other stuff right now, but I will come back soon!
    Thanks Khatovar.
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    This has inspired me to try again with the interact with mouseover stuff.
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    Haha Good read.
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    I had an idea to use this to boost up level 25 guilds for sale, they are still worth 20-50k (not 250k like the old days). But if my math is correct it would take 40-60 hours to get a level 25 guild. Maybe you could 10 box it to cut that time in half but... hm. don't think it's feasible.

    I haven't done any non-stop mob farming in MoP (mostly dallies, quick and easy gold). But in Cata you could do 5-10k gold per hour off the trogg dudes. 5boxing dallies in mop yields close to the same. So, say 50 hours for a level 25 guild that's say -- With dallies or farming gold etc. 250k gold (I'd say 500k but you won't find a market big enough to sell all your crap).
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    When I see the title of the blog, I want to say Whootie and the Blowfish.
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    Thanks for the info, I am doing the same right now and can ding approx 1 guild level per 3 hours. (from level 15 till 18 now)

    4 players and thanks to the tips and smooth gameplay I reduced the time with 20 a 30 minutes. (Worgen starting area till storm glen village where the collection quests begins)
    Every tour I get 35% so 2 hours and 30/40 minutes of gameplay is 105%
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    Quote Originally Posted by tundra622
    im seriously considering doing this, i think i have 7 accounts i could use for this and you need a total of 845670k guild xp from 1 to 25 so with 7 accounts i would need to do 2013.5 quests(60k xp ea) each to hit 25.

    so how many quests do you get done in the 8 min period khatovar?

    These are the ones I did

    Fresh Out of the Grave
    The Shadow Grave
    Those That Couldn't Be Saved
    The Wakening
    Beyond the Graves
    Scourge on Our Perimeter
    The Truth of the Grave
    Trail-Worn Scroll
    The Thrill of the Hunt
    The Executor in the Field

    the follow-ups for Beyond the Graves and The Executor in the Field both took longer than they seemed, so I just skipped them.
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    [FONT=Verdana]im seriously considering doing this, i think i have 7 accounts i could use for this and you need a total of 845670k guild xp from 1 to 25 so with 7 accounts i would need to do 2013.5 quests(60k xp ea) each to hit 25.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Verdana]so how many quests do you get done in the 8 min period khatovar?[/FONT]
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vecter
    This is such a great idea!! I'm going to give it a go and see how far I can get
    Enjoy those perks!
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    This is such a great idea!! I'm going to give it a go and see how far I can get
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    I don't get the issue with pandas.

    Back on topic, I'm levelling some druids and trying out new and wonderful ways to stun people in bg's (let's just say I am no expert). I agree with Khat that finding the solution to what is seemingly impossible is what makes multiboxing so much fun.
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    Just run druids. Worst case scenario you can do whatever you want.

    And I hate pandas.
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    I started as a hunter, raided up through wotlk as a hunter, and also played alot of warlock in dungeons and raids so ranged is right up my alley. I did roll as a tank in wotlk some with my dk, and liked it, but tanks a different beast then melee dps since you have more control on mob placement as the tank.
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    Well I guess I better think of more crap to post, lol.

    And that's supposed to be a reply to MiRai, but it's not showing up that way.
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    I grew up as a healer in MMOs. There's just something so awesome about getting in a mob's face and smashing it with a big hammer after spending years as far away as possible trying to avoid its attention.
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    melee dps in instances scares the crap out of me, to many knockbacks, stun and runs, etc. Not a fan of soloing instances as melee.
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    Jee-zus I was wondering when I was going to be able to read another blog post.

    Is it wrong that I was more excited about trying a few new things with my script than I am about the actual expansion?
    No, tweaking my setup is one of my favorite things about multiboxing.
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    That doesn't give any useful information IMO. Maybe it's good for people running all the same class using all the same gear, but I run mixed teams where I need to see the actual stat changes. iLvl tells me nothing.
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    Haha, a lot of other things keep me up too, but I don't think anyone's interested in my thoughts about something someone said when I was 5 or what I'm supposed to do with all that spinach in the fridge.
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    I really wasnt sure what the content of this blog was going to be, "what does indeed keep Khat up at night..." hence I clicked on it...

    "Oh! its about multiboxing... ah, ok.
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    I did all the leveling in Northrend and Outland. It was one of the toons I leveled up with one of my random "replacement DPS" teams and dropped at about 57 when I swapped in my tank. She went from 60 to 76.5 in the Outland zones and then from 76.5 to 84.5 in the Northrend zones. She didn't touch any of the Cata content until she ran out of soloable quests in Northrend and Outland. She hit cap somewhere in the beginning of Hyjal.

    I probably could have stuck around Northrend doing dailies for the last half level, but that would have taken a while.
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    FML I've been meaning to post on this for awhile now...

    If I'm reading this correctly... you leveled to 84.5 in Northrend? Or you got bored with Cataclysm content and went back to Northrend to do miscellaneous quests that you had left behind?
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    Probably my favorite expansion to level through
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    Quote Originally Posted by MiRai
    Nothing Boring About Borean!

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    Nothing Boring About Borean!
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    I have a couple warriors and a rogue on my master account from my solo days. I tried to level them up to 85, but left them at 70. Now I run them through Black Temple and Sunwell trying to get the "perfect" set. I'm still not sure what I want to do with them.
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    I really wish they wouldn't put such a limit on kills like that -- 10% is such a bummer. It's like they want to force you to move onto the next expansion area even if you wanted to stay and finish that zone (Nagrand). I think it would be better if Blizzard made that change at say 61, 71, 81, instead of 60, 70, 80.

    Here's to hoping they revert that change with the great item squish making leveling and items a nice smooth curve.
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    Nice Blog posting. I enjoyed the read. Took me back. Made me think about the years spent leveling toons solo, until I found boxing. I tried to play a solo toon a couple times. I really gave it a serious effort. But after level 15 I said "screw this".

    Im looking forward to reading your progression here.
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    ya leveling sucks a lot so am going to level up 5 more warlocks :s the only good thing i can see about this is that they start at level 80. but all the cata stuff again is going to kill me.
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    Yeah middle of the night was generally when I would see you hanging out in Ogrimmar on Stormrage... now I roll with the cool Khat's (C whut I did der...) on Magtheridon. Your new guides are nicely done BTW.
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    You deserve a Grande Caramel Frappuccino for your effort.
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    You had me at cupcakes and pies.