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Herding Khats

Wasting space on duh interwebs one pixel at a time.

  1. Masochistic Much?

    So, I've spent the last few months dorking around on a single account for the most part. It's surprising how lonely that is after all this time boxing - I feel naked without my team running around behind me.

    I've been finding all sorts of stupid and painful ways to kill time.

    First I decided I should level up all the higher level toons I had sitting on my master account. To make it more brutal, I decided I should do all of the Cata zones on them. So, 5 times through ...
  2. I Have a Dream...

    Well, I had a dream I also had a nightmare. My nightmare was a recurring one where I find myself still employed at Starbuck's and the past 5 or 6 years was of me simply forgetting that I never quit and just not showing up.

    Though why they would keep scheduling someone when they stop showing up for half a decade is beyond me. But it still disturbs me beyond reason every time I have that dream.

    My real dream, in the non-sleeping sense, was to update the GM Conversations ...
  3. Can I Play, too?

    This is a blog post so I can be like all the cool kids, which just makes me a poser.

    I'd tell you more, but dinner is waiting, and dinner is far more interesting than talking about myself.

    But fear not, I get insanely bored in the middle of the night when all you people are sleeping instead of entertaining me.
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