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  1. How I (Eventually) Got Started Multiboxing

    I was actually a hold out on Multiboxing for a pretty long time. My first experiences with it go back to Everquest days. I played a cleric, so as our group's healer they would tend to get pretty annoyed when I'd be working or too busy to play. Of course, my husband (ISBoxer's Lax) just started dualboxing my cleric and his bard together in the end. He wrote programs to control my game from his computer, he'd even make my character say crazy things when I was trying to play it myself!
  2. Multiboxing Brewfest!

    One of my favorite uses of my multiboxing team lately is to farm holiday currency for all the new WoW pets and toys! I'm a collector, but not a very patient one. The Brewfest dailies in particular are super tedious and boring, but with multiboxing I can do five at one time and get it over with faster.

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    The brew keg delivery is a little trickier to keep everyone from getting snagged on obstacles, but overall its pretty simple. Adding a ...