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    If I am just playing around, I pick the starting zone as the most important. Blood Elfs have greens and blues as rewards, which make me feel better than grey and white stuff. Really, I went all the way over there and killed the guys you wanted, got the leg bones that almost never show up and then did it 3 (5) times and all I got was this white gloves?
    I love Draenei since I want to pretend that Gift of the Naaru (a HOT) might make me feel better. I think they also have a 1% hit increase. It used to be an aura, but I guess that was OP.
    For my horde shammies, I picked troll since I thought I liked their racial (haste CD) and totems. It probably is a wash though.

    So for me, quest rewards, then a useful racial, then looks, then flip a coin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Binzyrd
    Maybe I should make some characters on both sides and see which I like better.
    This is probably what I would do. I'd recommend Human Mages because:

    • Mages are easy to multibox for beginners
    • While the Human starting area is going to be the most busy, it's also probably the easiest/nicest to multibox through (especially story-wise if you actually read quests).

    If you wanted to stick with Shaman then I'd say go Draenei since:

    • Draenei starting area is probably going to be a lot more quiet than the Human area, but is less forgiving when it comes to questing. I love the Draenei starting area because I'm familiar with it, but other multiboxers do not like it at all.
    • Horns and a tail are a win-win situation (as well as that accent)
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    Quote Originally Posted by MiRai
    You were obviously talked into choosing the wrong faction. -_-
    Maybe I should make some characters on both sides and see which I like better.

    ::cracks the whip::
    Yes, sir!
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    After much discussion with my friends/mentors, it was determined that I should be make 3 shaman to start out. Since I'm not sure that I'll ever even make it to level 20 or beyond, they suggested that I pick the "prettiest race." Um, have you seen the Horde races than can be shamans? "Pretty" doesn't describe any of them. I settled for the weird looking pandas.
    You were obviously talked into choosing the wrong faction. -_-

    That's as much as I've accomplished so far. Next on the agenda is setting up ISBoxer. I better get to watching MiRai's videos!
    ::cracks the whip::
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    Okay I have watched some Youtube videos but I have never watched a stream. Anyone got some good links for some late nighters? I get home around 4 AM so I doubt many are out streaming that late at night/early in the morning. But yeah some of those peeps makes it look easy or have a high level of skill.
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    Live streaming I agree is definitely enjoyable. Sometimes I'll log off for the night and then pop open the iPad on twitch in bed before I go to sleep.
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    I could never manage to control that many characters that well.
    I almost feel the same way at this point having not seriously multiboxed in quite some time. It's time like these I almost regret being on a PvP server for when I start back up again (soon™).

    Now us womenfolk just need to unite and convince MiRai to stream so we can have a swoonfest! Official Swoonfest 2013?
    Well, then....

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    Thank you, I appreciate that. Everyone here seems so nice and helpful!
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    The major thing, I love about this community, is the willingness to help each other out.

    The other is the sense of humor a lot of people have here. So, never be afraid to ask a question, or for advice on anything that goes on here, I still do it myself, while others here have probably forgot more then I will ever know.