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  1. My Goblins Macros

    just using this as a place holder really and i guess if anyone wants to use them maybe?


    Affi Locks DPS
    Sequences['Ebsaffi'] = {
    -- This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.1.03.
      Author="Blòssom@Chamber of Aspects",
      Talents = "311112,2,",
      MacroVersions = {
        [1] = {
          StepFunction = "Sequential",

    Updated 07-30-2017 at 04:38 PM by ebony

  2. WoW 5.0.x Cross Realms Zones

    So you seen the blue posts about this cross realm zone we had small talks about it.
    But does it really work like they said it would. Last time i tried it was very buggy and invited other players did not rezone the chars so i did not make a post/video and other stuff about it ok its not 100% working right now but its a lot better then before.

    Few bugs there seems to be a bit off lag (OK maybe a little more then a little). not sure if its my end or there end. npc sometimes show
  3. PvP with the guild

    So not going to say on here why am not in AutoBots anymore but a few off you might know why if not lets just say oh well.

    Am in Honor Capped now its a Real Guild on outland with a lot off members it seems nice to be in a real guild always had a good feeling that it be cool to be with a lot off mutiboxers but its not as good as we all think till you try it. you might like it but it was not something for me. Anyway so i been in Honor capped for a few weeks but av not done a great deal ...