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My Blog off me mostey Hex boxing WoW maybe some other cool stuff who knows.

  1. PvP with the guild

    So not going to say on here why am not in AutoBots anymore but a few off you might know why if not lets just say oh well.

    Am in Honor Capped now its a Real Guild on outland with a lot off members it seems nice to be in a real guild always had a good feeling that it be cool to be with a lot off mutiboxers but its not as good as we all think till you try it. you might like it but it was not something for me. Anyway so i been in Honor capped for a few weeks but av not done a great deal ...
  2. Ding Level 85!

    So i been using the SoR on one off my old many Battle.nets when they was selling std wow cheep a few years back, in the end it works out i have 7 unused std accounts (that automated got updated to BC) now i can update them to cata for free as well saveing a good £50 crazy stuff well i might as well do this incase i feeling like 10 boxing one day though that is probs going to be off but you never know right?

    a few days before this offer i was leveling a druid with RAF with Hugs from ...

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    WoW stuff
  3. Welcome to my blog

    Am going to try and keep a blog about my playing this is so i can used to before the next Xpac.

    the group i have picked to play in MoP is 5 warlocks and a druid i hope this works out kinda well and will be a all fun all rounder group for wpvp and old raids.
    WoW stuff
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