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    Yeah actually it has been nice hanging out. I think at this point I have done some scenarios, some heroics and non heroic MOP dungeons as I prep for some LFR or trying challenge modes. It is nice being the guild leader for guild experience. Today I took the plunge and transmog'd my gear.

    My DPS is going up, I picked up some timeless isle epics and purchased a shield. I will soon be able to grab a staff for the priest and my toons are now mostly in purples. I have been able to level up some of my items from running heroics and am grinding some rep in the mean time. It has been remarkably stress free.

    Now I guess I need to work on some professions.
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    Sounds like you're not running into any boxer hate in WoW. Welcome back.
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    Sitting at nearly 87 now on the druid. Quest grinding in Jade Forrest and banging out 1-2 instances a day and 3-5 BGs daily to cap out on honor. It is good to see that there are more bots in BGs now. I reported one yesterday and was rewarded with being kicked out of game... GG Blizzard, lets DC paying actively played customers as opposed to instantly doing something to the bot like freezing them for 5-10 seconds or what not.

    Kids have spring break this week so I get to play and extra hour or so in the morning so hopefully 90 before Friday or close to it so I can do some 89-90 PVP with the team to start working my keybinds, strategies, etc... so with me luck.
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    Day to of regrinding to 90 and there is good news. /Follow was put back in for arenas. Good, now that is some awesome news. I worked on the toon after my night shift and before taking son to school so knocked out 46-49 doing instances and one BG. After sleeping for a bit I was able to get the old druid tanky up to level 50, knocked out Iron Man in WSG and picked up the level 50 epic WSG PVP bracers, it was a nice upgrade from the random dungeon blue reward bracers and increased my health quit a bit.

    Managed to run some AB, AV and WSG today. AV was nice in guardian mode due to being able to deny the alliance the ability to cap one tower almost the entire battle ground. Having potions, bark skin and the ability to regenerate health makes the bears very good at AOE along the lines of prot warriors, tankadins and blood DKs. Being a druid in AB was nice being able to have the push back (Typhoon) usable in all shapeshift modes for denying LM and towers in AV. Then having stealth to ninja stables 2-3 times to keep the alliance off of their game plan.

    Sometimes I forget how much fun low level BGs can be. So many tards, road warriors, Zergers, and ragers make me want to chuckle inside at times.

    Tomorrow continue my grind and hope to get 55 or close to 60. I would like to be able to tank/grind out 90 before the end of March. At least the new conquest system will allow me to revocer points quickly.
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    Got the team to 72 today. Nothing spectacular except for running Nexus. They changed up the quests in there like the did Utgard Keep, you now get them all inside the instance. Nice way to bag some decent gear shoulder (have BOAs), Bracers, Ring, Boots. After some dungeoning through UK and Nexus with no deaths on the all tank team I went into AV with four of my team as my fifth decided to take a random break. We won, nabbed an achievement and while not leading in damage was racking up quite a few kills and being generally annoying. 4 x Shield toss = mostly dead PVP opponents. Was good clean fun and I will definetly be grinding some AV BGs this week when ever I have the chance as a win was netting me nearly a 1/4 of my XP bar.
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    Whats funny is I had several paragraphs written for the previous response but my Internet IE at home kepted eating it.

    Figured I would hit the level 70 heroics for accomplishments and the XPs are nice so far. Still getting around 1200-1300+ XPs from each elite mob in the instance. I figure I would grind out a few more before I start hitting Nexus and the other intro wrath content instances. What was funny is I wiped on one of the Tempest Keep regular modes earlier (Mechanar) and took the rez at the spirit healer only to discover that I had made it to 69 with out buying any flying capabilities for my team. So some quick trip to hellfire I purchased all of my flying for outlands, northrend and the old Azeroth content.

    Posted a ton of auctions and a few epic recipes that I looted on the AH and I have to admit the netherweave cloth was flying off the shelfs. Good money to be made from autolooting and then selling the non-greys. I generally fill up all my bags, hearth to Ogrimmar or Stormwind and then auto-sell greys, repair and then send all my greens and good stuff to my AH toon. Best auction days are generally posted on thursday night and run through most of the weekend.

    But that is enough of memory lane for now. I will hopefully get through most of WOLK content this weekend before 5.2 drops. I see it is downloading on the client it appears. Good things may be happening.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smalltanker
    Doh... totally forgot. Hellfire ramparts. I can remember running it for tank gear to get into Karazhan. I knocked it out and then hit HMana Tombs and Auchenai crypts. Brought back some fond memories from my first attempt at single-boxxing.
    Nice. I get all nostalgic as well when I'm doing anything pre-Cata and almost anything TBC/Wrath seems to always hit me right in the feels.
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    Doh... totally forgot. Hellfire ramparts. I can remember running it for tank gear to get into Karazhan. I knocked it out and then hit HMana Tombs and Auchenai crypts. Brought back some fond memories from my first attempt at single-boxxing.
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    So, which instance was it?