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Old Grumpy Man Taking Care of His Lawn

My thoughts are my own. My opinions are my own. Don't like them? GET OFF MY LAWN!

  1. Get Off My Lawn!

    by , 01-31-2012 at 12:05 PM (Old Grumpy Man Taking Care of His Lawn)
    I'm not really a grumpy person. Actually I am pretty much a happy go lucky guy. However boxing has added a slighted jaded side to my personality. Whether that's from the company I keep or the rage I feel when I continue to suck at it. I'll blame the company.

    I started wow when it first launch (btw I hate people that say they've been playing since launch, who really cares? Gives you no more credence than a new player.) I only played a very short time as back in the day I actually had ...

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