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  1. Initial Thoughts...

    I'm looking to 10-box in the near future.
    And will most likely run two teams per faction.

    I currently have nine sets of five-box teams, on my existing five accounts.
    Short term, I'll level my existing teams (who will be part of the four 10-box teams).
    I need to call billing, and have them merge my five existing accounts onto a single B.Net; the B.Net wide perks are starting to outweigh any advantage of separate B.Nets for each account.

    After that, ...
  2. Pre-MoP stuff

    Well, my summer seasonal work has finished, but I won't be home for 2-3 weeks...

    I'm looking at upgrading my internet from (Shaw) Broadband 50 (50 Mbps Down, 5 Mbps Up, 400GB/mo) to Broadband 250 (250 Mbps Down, 15 Mbps Up, 1TB/mo); there's not a whole lot of difference in pricing, and that would triple the quality of my stream (

    Each of the five existing accounts have been reactivated; I'm contemplating calling up Billing to consolidate ...
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