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  1. anthill's Avatar
    The one thing that doesn't feel fun anymore, is alas, professions.!
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  2. asad664's Avatar
    The current team I'm leveling is two UD priests, wopet pet feeder review two UD warlocks and a blood elf paladin. I took them all to Orgrimmar to finish leveling so that I could swap out one of the priests for a lvl 52 Orc shaman.
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  5. welshrats's Avatar
    The current team I'm leveling is two UD priests, two UD warlocks and a blood elf paladin. I took them all to Orgrimmar to finish leveling so that I could swap out one of the priests for a lvl 52 Orc shaman I abandoned from an old all shaman team around TBC days. I used to do the weird character in the names thing, but honestly the last time I got lazy and just hit the randomize button on the char creation screen to name my latest toons.
  6. dragonz's Avatar
    Mistweavers aren't the easy and fun dps powerhouses.
  7. dracogrintz's Avatar
    The druid is my favorite kind of mount! You can use the wild charge talent to get a tiny speed boost and not dismount your other toon!
  8. OnVentUK's Avatar
    When triple-boxing I always use my mammoth, I only have the vendor one so have to mash a little macro to remove the vendors, target the leader and IWT to mount up, makes life so much simpler though throughout levelling up process as you don't have to deal with strays, and you don't attract any attention to yourself with random questions/complaints etc..

    Good idea with the druid though, I pretty much had forgotten about that too!
  9. Malixk's Avatar
    Thanks a bunch. Made one for paladins with all specs out of the blank one.

    Onedrive link:!Am6cpekQQIitmMorXKiQzGZOpf2sgg
  10. Wubsie's Avatar
    Just wanted to thank you for this. Doing a major overhaul of my setup for legion and I've decided to move as much of it as I can in to ISBoxer, so this gets me well on my way. ^^
  11. emitchell109's Avatar
    I have a 5monk team, and I will fraps my leveling. When I brew tank on a team of 5 I lead with my tank and use a lot of kiting. Granted that was with a full host of Range dps. With melee, it will be interesting. May look into the leading from the healer.
  12. luxlunae's Avatar
    Good question! 2 mistweavers would make this safer and give it a little more breathing room, more than that would be a waste dps wise, I think.
  13. JohnGabriel's Avatar
    Do you think you'd be able to take 5 monks or the rotation get a bit much?
  14. schilm's Avatar
    Just stumbled across this, but the link to the file is broken... I've been using an excel spreadsheet that screen scrapes the Battlenet website for this, using the API seems somewhat easier. Could you relink the spreadsheet, please?

  15. Mercurio's Avatar
    Hey Lux, glad to know you are having fun, even at a reduced level of play.

    Let Fish and I know when you want to experience some of Highmaul. We're having quite a bit of fun in there. Would be happy for a priest and lock to join us.
  16. luxlunae's Avatar
    It looks like it works but you take the apostraphe you out of Kiljaeden

    (I made that line of the CSV) Apocalÿpse,from,Kiljaeden

    the LWP folder is in this folder for me:

  17. roxide's Avatar
    I'm having some issues in getting the info of my chars, I use alot of special ALT characters in my characters names would that be causing my problem getting the info I want? also where do I put LWP? like Apocalÿpse from Kil'jaeden
  18. JackBurton's Avatar
    Thanks. Not just for this but all the work you do.
  19. Mercurio's Avatar
    Excited about:
    Names being freed up
    Bag space optimization
    Less CC
    New models

    Things I'm Not Excited about:
    Huge nerf to disc priest healing and smart healing in general
    Learning about all the ability changes and updates
    Re-optimizing all my rotations for all the specs and classes I use
    Boomkin changes making them even harder to effectively box
  20. dougie700's Avatar
    As well as all the above, I think you also need a steady stream of income to provide those repairs, shiny items, from what i gather, i pretty much do the same as other people on here, time on AH, instance grinding and making sure I have all the proffs covered, so i can farm, craft those items i need or sell on the AH.

    And the other thing that I wished I had would be greater dexterity, for doing all those key combo's :P
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