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    I have a way to name my group that is to use the first letters of each member's name wordle and combine them to form the name getting over it of the group. What do you think about this way?
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    Really nice game!
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    I agree with the point that Mistweavers are not as easy and fun dps powerups as they were when they came out. I also have the same situation as you. And while I was stressed, I went to bob the robber to relax. So it really works.
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    i think multibox is so good!
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    The one thing that doesn't feel fun anymore, is alas, professions.!
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    The current team I'm leveling is two UD priests, wopet pet feeder review two UD warlocks and a blood elf paladin. I took them all to Orgrimmar to finish leveling so that I could swap out one of the priests for a lvl 52 Orc shaman.
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