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    The current team I'm leveling is two UD priests, two UD warlocks and a blood elf paladin. I took them all to Orgrimmar to finish leveling so that I could swap out one of the priests for a lvl 52 Orc shaman I abandoned from an old all shaman team around TBC days. I used to do the weird character in the names thing, but honestly the last time I got lazy and just hit the randomize button on the char creation screen to name my latest toons.
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    Mistweavers aren't the easy and fun dps powerhouses.
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    The druid is my favorite kind of mount! You can use the wild charge talent to get a tiny speed boost and not dismount your other toon!
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    When triple-boxing I always use my mammoth, I only have the vendor one so have to mash a little macro to remove the vendors, target the leader and IWT to mount up, makes life so much simpler though throughout levelling up process as you don't have to deal with strays, and you don't attract any attention to yourself with random questions/complaints etc..

    Good idea with the druid though, I pretty much had forgotten about that too!
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    Thanks a bunch. Made one for paladins with all specs out of the blank one.

    Onedrive link:!Am6cpekQQIitmMorXKiQzGZOpf2sgg
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    Just wanted to thank you for this. Doing a major overhaul of my setup for legion and I've decided to move as much of it as I can in to ISBoxer, so this gets me well on my way. ^^
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    I have a 5monk team, and I will fraps my leveling. When I brew tank on a team of 5 I lead with my tank and use a lot of kiting. Granted that was with a full host of Range dps. With melee, it will be interesting. May look into the leading from the healer.
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    Good question! 2 mistweavers would make this safer and give it a little more breathing room, more than that would be a waste dps wise, I think.
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    Do you think you'd be able to take 5 monks or the rotation get a bit much?
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    Just stumbled across this, but the link to the file is broken... I've been using an excel spreadsheet that screen scrapes the Battlenet website for this, using the API seems somewhat easier. Could you relink the spreadsheet, please?

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    Hey Lux, glad to know you are having fun, even at a reduced level of play.

    Let Fish and I know when you want to experience some of Highmaul. We're having quite a bit of fun in there. Would be happy for a priest and lock to join us.
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    It looks like it works but you take the apostraphe you out of Kiljaeden

    (I made that line of the CSV) Apocalÿpse,from,Kiljaeden

    the LWP folder is in this folder for me:

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    I'm having some issues in getting the info of my chars, I use alot of special ALT characters in my characters names would that be causing my problem getting the info I want? also where do I put LWP? like Apocalÿpse from Kil'jaeden
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    Thanks. Not just for this but all the work you do.
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    Excited about:
    Names being freed up
    Bag space optimization
    Less CC
    New models

    Things I'm Not Excited about:
    Huge nerf to disc priest healing and smart healing in general
    Learning about all the ability changes and updates
    Re-optimizing all my rotations for all the specs and classes I use
    Boomkin changes making them even harder to effectively box
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    As well as all the above, I think you also need a steady stream of income to provide those repairs, shiny items, from what i gather, i pretty much do the same as other people on here, time on AH, instance grinding and making sure I have all the proffs covered, so i can farm, craft those items i need or sell on the AH.

    And the other thing that I wished I had would be greater dexterity, for doing all those key combo's :P
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    Hey khat! Yeah, I've used Jamba to handle these things in the past but I'm at the point where I don't want it running all of the time (not raiding, not crafting) so I prefer to use a separate lightweight addon, which I tweak for my crafting only toons (buying enchanting vellums or inks, for example).

    To clarify the only grays that setting destroys is those that can't be vendored (those annoying quest grays you get from time to time that otherwise throw up an error every time you try to autovendor "X could not be vendored!"). Which you would think I would use as a cue to physically delete them... but you'd be wrong.

    If you wanted something that deleted all grays you'd want to use that macro or I think there is a farming addon that keeps track of whatever you are farming and deletes junk for you. Either way I'm like you and I have vendor mounts so I hate to just delete good gold givin greys (... I think I just named my own vendor addon. GOLD GIVIN GRAYS(TM) Luxlunae 2014).
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    Jamba does all of this except destroying greys, but I have a vendor mount and 4 slaves standing behind me with empty packs if I really need it. Jamba also has the Trade function where you can open a trade window and quickload it with items by quality or type from either the master or the slave's bags. Or there's a macro to delete greys that pops up on the WoW Forums from time to time.
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    I just wanted to add that I specifically did not want the menu to change based on the character because for crafting I am usually loading toons into slots where they are not expected.
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    Quote Originally Posted by luxlunae
    I'd be eager to see that. I'm eager to integrate more menus into my setup.
    Here's a link to a very old (and unlisted) video which is a very rough outline for what I first had in mind. In the video, the spec icons under each class would then be tied to Mapped Keys which change the virtualization around in ISBoxer. It has since evolved into a much prettier setup than what is shown in the video.

    I'm actually very excited to show it off and I'll probably have to put together a test setup sooner than later just to help show that Menus can be much cooler than what people see in the default profile setup.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MiRai
    I've already sorta-kinda mapped out a similar system to handle swapping specs which I've been wanting to show off. It's going to be a sexy ISBoxer Menu setup so that I can make it more flashy, but it requires a super custom XML file to handle the Menu button placement, and this is going to require that I bribe Lax in order to help me with that XML. >_>

    I'll likely showcase it during the Cataclysm Edition of my multiboxing series, but I was waiting until I had more specs (or a reason to change specs) in my team(s) before I show it off. I would also like to see if I can get Lax to implement another option for Virtualization Actions so that I won't necessarily need to make a bajillion Mapped Keys.
    I'd be eager to see that. I'm eager to integrate more menus into my setup.
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    I've already sorta-kinda mapped out a similar system to handle swapping specs which I've been wanting to show off. It's going to be a sexy ISBoxer Menu setup so that I can make it more flashy, but it requires a super custom XML file to handle the Menu button placement, and this is going to require that I bribe Lax in order to help me with that XML. >_>

    I'll likely showcase it during the Cataclysm Edition of my multiboxing series, but I was waiting until I had more specs (or a reason to change specs) in my team(s) before I show it off. I would also like to see if I can get Lax to implement another option for Virtualization Actions so that I won't necessarily need to make a bajillion Mapped Keys.
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    I actually prefer making notes on spreadsheets over notepad because of the order and color you can put in there. most of my brainstorming is done this way.
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    thats friggn magic
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    I have just left Rift and gone back to wow despite me saying I wouldn't. Truth is wow is the only game I really feel at home in (after 7 years). I'm having a blast with 4 Hunter's and a Druid healer (I need mobility).. and using ISBoxer this time around it's much easier.
    Updated 08-20-2014 at 06:06 PM by Andreauk
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    Just noticed this blog and thought I'd put my two cents in. As a ten boxer that has gotten down at least half of the most difficult raids in the last three expansions, hopefully I can provide a unique perspective.

    In thinking about it, I think the single most important factor is drive. Drive to do something very few of the millions of WoW players would even attempt. Drive to optimize each and every class's rotation to a level you can't simply find through doing research alone. Drive to do the tedious PvP grinding that gets your foot in the raiding door. And most of all, drive to keep knocking your head against a problem that seems impossible. For example, I wiped 38 times on Immerseus before finally downing him. I tried all sorts of crazy strategies that normal 10 players raids wouldn't because they just didn't need to. Those 38 attempts were over the course of a couple of a number of weeks and I think I thought through and tweaked my strategy almost every attempt. There was certainly more thinking, planning, updating ISBoxer, updating a macro for a specific class time than actual play time in those attempts. But when you finally get a new boss down, it is magical moment.

    One big note here, here, im not in any way saying people with that much drive are "better" than others - in fact, I could probably just as easily argue the other side of that. But in order to accomplish things that others don't, that drive is essential.
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    Rift is more about Rifts then dungeons and pvp I think. Try just boxing Rifts for awhile. Maybe playing the game from its original "rifts" idea instead of the afterthoughts to make it more WoW-like will be more fun.
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    I'm too old to bother fighting burnout. I've done it enough to know it's going to come anyway and the longer I fight it, the more I go from burnout to ragequit, and ragequit is dangerous, heh. When I get to a point where I have to figure out something to do, I know I'm not having fun anymore; and if what I'm doing for entertainment isn't fun anymore, then I see no reason to keep doing it. That's something I learned when raiding and PvP took over my life. The treadmill doesn't end and we all "start over" with each new patch or expansion. I lose nothing by letting my guys sit around until I feel the itch again. And in the case of WoW, I gain $75 a month in the interim.

    As to what I do on my breaks, mostly writing these days. When I get the urge to do some gaming, I'll hop into a F2P like EQ2 or LotRO and solo a bit. WoW is still the only game I really get invested in and is still the most fun to multibox, IMO, so it's the only one I really multibox anymore. Other side of that coin is WoW is really only worth playing if I'm boxing.
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    They would start thinking of us as NPCs.

    Could also randomly open trade windows and hand out items related to your story, or candy.
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    Thanks for the Rift support. I hope more people start enjoying Rift. I feel its a much better game to box then its low number of users would suggest.
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    I did the same thing for my Rift launchers, but in AutoIt v3 ( I didn't update this for the new Glyph launcher but the process is very similar for just about any window.

    This script runs in the tray and just watches for a Rift launcher to pop up, puts in the password, presses enter and then clicks the play button. My riftpatchlive.exe launchers were managed by ISBoxer so the usernames were already populated for each account. If you need to add in account names, just do the same thing except instead of having it run constantly, you'd just have it click in the username textbox and put in a name, then do what's shown below for the first account, then repeat all of that for the second one and so on through your account list. I also have one for EVE if anybody's interested in that one.

    #Region ;**** Directives created by AutoIt3Wrapper_GUI ****
    #EndRegion ;**** Directives created by AutoIt3Wrapper_GUI ****
    ;#include <WinAPI.au3>
    #include <GUIConstants.au3>
    #include <WindowsConstants.au3>
    opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 3)
    opt("MouseCoordMode", 0)
    opt("TrayIconDebug", 1)
    opt("GUIOnEventMode", 1)
    opt("GUIEventOptions", 1)
    While 1 = 1
        WinWait("[CLASS:QWidget]", "", 60)
        If WinExists("[CLASS:QWidget]") Then
            if WinActive("[CLASS:QWidget]") then MouseClick("left", 530, 360, 1, 0)
            if WinActive("[CLASS:QWidget]") then send("password{enter}")
            if WinActive("[CLASS:QWidget]") then     sleep(1000)
            if WinActive("[CLASS:QWidget]") then MouseClick("left", 530, 515, 1, 0)
            if WinActive("[CLASS:QWidget]") then     sleep(3000)
            if WinActive("[CLASS:QWidget]") then MouseClick("left", 530, 530, 1, 0)
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    That's a cool idea, storing it in the clipboard.
  33. JohnGabriel's Avatar
    I have a batch file I run for Rift, it does not do all that your autohotkey script does but its faster than nothing. It sends my password to the clipboard then starts Rift.

    echo RIFTPASSWORD| clip
    start E:\RIFT\riftpatchlive.exe
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    Quote Originally Posted by luxlunae
    I feel inspired by mirai. I think I want to do a scene from a movie or a book. I'm on an RP server so this will probably annoy real RPers.
    I have always wanted to do like a full scene/conversation, especially on an RP server. Not only to add more to some of the RP that already goes on, but to motivate other RPers to multibox as well for their own scenes.
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    I feel inspired by mirai. I think I want to do a scene from a movie or a book. I'm on an RP server so this will probably annoy real RPers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnGabriel
    Just to be clear, you mean like having your different toons say things individually with a delay, making it look like they are having a discussion amongst themselves and/or the "wtf guy"?

    Because that would be awesome. I'm going to go practice some emotes now.
    Using multiple steps in ISBoxer is how I created this scene:

    As well as two others throughout that series.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnGabriel
    Just to be clear, you mean like having your different toons say things individually with a delay, making it look like they are having a discussion amongst themselves and/or the "wtf guy"?
    Yes, exactly!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ughmahedhurtz
    The beauty of that idea is that (I'm pretty sure) Rift has a delay system you can use to make that easier. Of course, you could always just set up a big-ass multi-step macro in ISBoxer that you could use in any game.

    (obviously for WoW)

    ...but I usually resort to the multiple steps in ISBoxer approach anyway.
  39. JohnGabriel's Avatar

    I'm pretty sure your toon also points at your target when you do a /point, throw a few of those in there.

    Just to be clear, you mean like having your different toons say things individually with a delay, making it look like they are having a discussion amongst themselves and/or the "wtf guy"?

    Because that would be awesome. I'm going to go practice some emotes now.
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    I've always had the desire to take a day and craft some kind of generic conversation script. One that I could trigger when I saw the inevitable "WTF?!?" bubble from someone standing next to me at a mailbox. You know, sort of a campy fireside joke telling session that looked essentially like a group of quirky people talking to each other. And throw in an a sidebar discussion about people that never saw a multiboxer before and how silly they look saying "wtf" every time they see something they've never seen before.

    The beauty of that idea is that (I'm pretty sure) Rift has a delay system you can use to make that easier. Of course, you could always just set up a big-ass multi-step macro in ISBoxer that you could use in any game.

    It is a dream I have...
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    The top of my list is somewhere between situational awareness and research ability. Situational awareness (or lack thereof) can be mitigated by knowing your limitations and avoiding things that just stomp you into the dirt. Research, however, is a requirement at all times. Macros and abilities change. Bosses change. New content is introduced. Without the self-motivated ability to go find this information on your own when you feel it is needed (and the internal drive to realize WHEN change is needed), you just aren't going to accomplish much. Of course, that largely depends on what you ARE trying to accomplish.

    My mother, for example, is totally not a macro expert. Neither is she really interested in running heroics or PVP or any sort of really challenging content. She just like to run around the world, kill stuff, loot things, explore and level up with different classes. For her, it's a game and a distraction, not an accomplishment quest. She multiboxes (two) so she can do things on her own without having to bail from groups mid-dungeon or having to find groups late at night to quest with. She is relatively slow on the draw with interrupts and such (when she remembers she has them) but that is perfectly fine with her. I, on the other hand, have the desire to 5-man everything up through heroics. I don't raid or PVP as I find those endeavors too much like work rather than play, so I choose not to bother.

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    Incredibly well-written reply, Ugh.
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    Of all those things, what would be the one that is the very top of your list?

    Some things needed can be found without needing the skills, such as theorycrafting. Searching google and even this forum will find you the macros and dps rotation you need.

    I like your dungeon wipe example. How many times do you wipe before taking a break? I would guess the higher the number the more likely to box.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnGabriel
    Ugh, Sounds like you're saying we have to be geeks.
    If that's what being a geek means to you. Most of the people I know that express the above character traits tend to be engineers. /shrug
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ughmahedhurtz
    Two of those things, Imagination and Research have changed alot.

    In the old D&D board game days you had to have ALOT of imagination. And to do your own research took alot more work with no Google.

    The other things probably more constant, and likely a trait you would look for.
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    Ugh, Sounds like you're saying we have to be geeks.
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    You're totally right Ughmahedhurtz, I didn't even consider the first three of those because they are second nature now, but just the constant keeping track of the slaves (are they following, are they close enough) is definitely a skill.

    My current patience limit is 10 wipes for a dungeon. If the gear is broken then I can feel like I'm not being a slacker for leaving. I actually think it is an amusing contrast between the way I game and my significant other (who, despite this anecdote, is a socially functioning member of society). The other day I was working hard on a dungeon (Lantern Hook, I think) and he was playing a hearthstone game, we share a computer room. From him it was 20 minutes of "Luck sack!" "There was only a 20% chance of that happening!" "I am the most unlucky player EVER. That would have never happened for me!" etc, while I died quietly over and over on my side of the office. Like a gracious martyr.
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    There are far too many game-specific or game-type-specific skills to list. In general terms, there are a few areas that are pretty much requirements to be successful beyond basic screwing around in the open world.

    Situational awareness: as a multiboxer, you have to keep track of much more than normal single-character players. For example:
    • Are all your characters still following you and keeping up with the group?
    • Are all your characters still in range of the target so their abilities work?
    • Do all your characters still have enough energy/mana/etc. to use abilities?
    • Are all your characters clear of ground or positional debuffs/damage effects?
    • Do all your characters have the quest you are working on?
    • Did all your characters loot the quest items?
    • Are your characters showing the right button bars so the abilities work?
    • Are your characters all mounted up in a vehicle properly?

    Most of these require various separate user interface indicators that can quickly clutter the screen, so as you mentioned, good UI layout/addon selections is important.

    Class/Game knowledge: understanding the abilities, synergies, glitches and recovery methods for in-game mechanics becomes even more crucial when managing multiple characters, especially when those consist of multiple classes with abilities that may or may not work well with your other characters' abilities.

    Imagination: anyone can derp their way to a macro site and come up with a rotation that basically works to kill stuff without too much hassle. Running instances -- especially heroics or raids -- is a completely different matter. Doing this requires the same skills a successful raider employs AND the ability to micromanage an entire group all by yourself. Coming up with creative ways to maximize efficiency and reduce complexity cannot be achieved through simply downloading something, clicking an icon and profiting; there are tools that go a LONG way to reducing initial setup times and supporting wonderfully complex management of diverse tasks, such as ISBoxer, but even with those sorts of tools you must still tell it what to do and when to do it.

    Patience: you will die. A lot. In a loud and grotesque manner. You did something wrong. YOU screwed up. Not the game; not the multiboxing software/hardware. YOU. You'll have to just figure it out on your own. Sucks to be you; deal with it.

    The ability to do your own research. There is a metric shit-ton of information out there on how to do the various bits needed to multibox at very, very high levels of achievement. All too often, however, we see people that are long on money and short on brains trying to multibox because it Looked Cool(tm). You know the type: "Hey, what's the FOTM class this month?" "What's the absolute best 5-man arena gank squad?" "How can I pwn nubs bettar?" Part of good research is being able to figure out enough on your own to ask good questions. Sites like this one have a bunch of really, really smart, helpful people that are perfectly happy to help you better understand some aspect of multiboxing. What they grow tired of doing is answering the same question over and over again when the answer already exists in the FAQ, the wiki, the beginner and support forum, and probably other sites as well. Sooner or later you're going to run into a problem that actually isn't already answered. When that happens, you'll either be able to figure out a workaround or fix on your own or you'll be stuck. Good research abilities help immensely in resolving these problems. And sharing your discoveries with the rest of the community is well appreciated.

    Interestingly enough, the kind of character traits that make you a good multiboxer also tend to make you a good employee or inventor or generally a productive member of society.
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    I wonder how many people have lots of focus. When I am focused on one thing I feel like even an earthquake cant interrupt me.

    Single tracked mind, or absent minded, often another way to describe it.
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    I do something similar, I have a script that copies my master account's ACP.lua to my slaves. Then I load those based on macros in isboxer.

    This way I can just manage the addons on the master account and push them out to the slaves. Slaves have to be logged out or at the login screen. I run this script when I start the game or when I update addons.

    use warnings;
    use strict;
    use File::Copy;
    my $now = time();
    my $wtfacct = 'D:\WoW\WTF\Account'; #change me to root of accounts
    my $master  = "notprepared"; # change me to master account name
    my $masteracplua = sprintf('%s\%s\SavedVariables\ACP.lua', $wtfacct, $master);
    die("cannot location master acp.lua file ($masteracplua)") unless(-f $masteracplua);
    opendir(my $DH, $wtfacct) || die($!);
    for my $dir (sort(grep { !/^\./ && -d "$wtfacct/$_" } readdir($DH))) {
        next if(lc($dir) eq lc($master));
        my $acplua = "$wtfacct/$dir/SavedVariables/ACP.lua";
        if( -f $acplua ) {
            copy($acplua, "${acplua}.bak.${now}") || die($!);
            copy($masteracplua, $acplua) || die($!);
    If your ACP addon sets are 1 "master" and 2 "slave", this type of macro in isboxer might be useful.

    /acp disableall
    !if (character is "slot 1") /acp addset 1
    !else /acp addset 2
    /console reloadui
    If you want to do the class specific addons and what not ,easily done as well with action groups and such, as /acp addset compounds addons. in this example the slave set is loaded as well as the huntard goodies.

    /acp disableall
    !if (character is "slot 1") /acp addset 1
    !else /acp addset 2
    !if (character is in "huntard") /acp addset 3
    /console reloadui
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    I like the rolling volume knob. I dont like how loud the key presses are. The keys have a great tactile feel
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    So far I'v done a mixture of team names. My current team - dubbed Team Porn Star - are well exactly that, named after porn stars, just for the lawls, its subtle enough for people not to notice to often but when people see four people all following the same guy, gives it away. I'v done things like name a hunter team, hunterone, huntertwo, etc etc. but usually i just go for something that is related, but not the same name, such as my all druid team named after nature-ish things. I think a healthy balance is the best
  53. Khatovar's Avatar
    Mine are always related to fictional "teams". Of course I've got slews of teams with names either from or based off Glen Cook's Black Company, but I've also got a few Stargate teams and a Farscape team.

    Ærynsun, Johncrichton, Dominarrygel, Kaðargo and Pauzhaan
    Valamaldorañ, Drfraiser, Cammitchell, Rodneymckay and Lõrdãpophis
    Jackõneill, Danieljacksn, Genhammond, Tealç and Samçarter

    But, I always prefer my main team, so they don't get much love.
  54. luxlunae's Avatar
    I think the silliest one I ever did was for a "PepsiCola" guild I started horde side, I don't remember all the names but I think I had Dietpepsi and Pepsimax on there.

    JB, having something in the name scheme reflect the account is a cool idea I hadn't thought of, and an easy way to help remember what account the toon is on (I currently always remember simply by having account one always be slot one, but the extra level of letters/sounds linked to accounts is a good one) and I'm tempted to copy your guide to weird characters just to help me handle trade chat!

    I could never handle the different servers thing, I've had the same "home" for five years (except for the first multiboxing group I ever did when I was afraid I'd be bullied on my pvp server and later I moved a single alt with my friends when vodka moved to AM (which I brought back almost immediately... that server was pretty crappy then)
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    My first teams were takenthree, takenfour etc. people always asked what happened to one nd two?
    I have a "Fellowship of the Ring" team done with hunters and their pets, the last one I leveled up is 100% stealth as well as 100% annoying.

    I don't know the names, but I leveled each character from a different server. To much competition at a daily hub, not enough alliance/horde around? No problem just CRZ yourself out of there. Of course getting enchants and gems could be a problem, but being able to swap servers to find rare spawns, get sha kills etc, is kinda nice.
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    Sometimes you can get lucky and get both cool and completely unrelated names. My latest team is named Sinalot, Measure, Reset, Wasted, and Heavy.

    I started out using the sound-alike method but now I'm all about the stealthiness.
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    Auc-Advanced : AH/Crafting Toons
    Auc-Filter-Basic : AH/Crafting Toons
    Auc-ScanData : AH/Crafting Toons
    Auc-Stat-iLevel : AH/Crafting Toons
    Auc-Stat-Purchased : AH/Crafting Toons
    Auc-Stat-Simple : AH/Crafting Toons
    Auc-Stat-StdDev : AH/Crafting Toons
    Auc-Util-FixAH : AH/Crafting Toons
    BeanCounter : AH/Crafting Toons
    DataStore : AH/Crafting Toons
    DataStore_Auctions : AH/Crafting Toons
    DataStore_Characters : AH/Crafting Toons
    DataStore_Containers : AH/Crafting Toons
    DataStore_Crafts : AH/Crafting Toons
    DataStore_Currencies : AH/Crafting Toons
    DataStore_Inventory : AH/Crafting Toons
    DataStore_Mails : AH/Crafting Toons
    TradeSkillMaster_Accounting : AH/Crafting Toons
    TradeSkillMaster_AuctionDB : AH/Crafting Toons
    TradeSkillMaster_Auctioning : AH/Crafting Toons
    TradeSkillMaster_Crafting : AH/Crafting Toons
    TradeSkillMaster_Destroying : AH/Crafting Toons
    Enchantrix : AH/Crafting Toons
    !Swatter : everyone
    ACP : everyone
    ArkInventory : everyone
    ArkInventoryRules : everyone
    Bartender4 : everyone
    Clique : everyone
    FriendsNoMore : everyone
    Grid : everyone
    GridCustomLayouts : everyone
    ISBoxer : everyone
    Mappy : Everyone
    Mapster : Everyone
    MinimapButtonFrame : everyone
    MoveAnything : everyone
    MySales : everyone
    OmniCC : everyone
    OmniCC_Config : everyone
    OmniCC_Options : everyone
    Prat-3.0 : everyone
    Prat-3.0_Libraries : everyone
    Quartz : everyone
    ShadowedUF_Options : everyone
    ShadowedUnitFrames : everyone
    Stubby : everyone
    SunnArt : everyone
    TradeSkillMaster : everyone
    TradeSkillMaster_Mailing : everyone
    AckisRecipeList : Load on Demand
    Align : Load on Demand
    glyphIndustry : Load on Demand
    GridStatusHots : Load on Demand
    GridStatusRaidDebuff : Load on Demand
    HideRaidFrame : Load on Demand
    MogIt : Load on Demand
    MogIt_Accessories : Load on Demand
    MogIt_Cloth : Load on Demand
    MogIt_Leather : Load on Demand
    MogIt_Mail : Load on Demand
    MogIt_OneHanded : Load on Demand
    MogIt_Other : Load on Demand
    MogIt_Plate : Load on Demand
    MogIt_Ranged : Load on Demand
    MogIt_TwoHanded : Load on Demand
    SlideBar : Load on Demand
    TradeSkillMaster_Shopping : Load on Demand
    WeakAuras : Load on Demand
    WeakAurasModelPaths : Load on Demand
    WeakAurasOptions : Load on Demand
    WeakAurasTutorials : Load on Demand
    MikScrollingBattleText : multibox leader, instancers
    MSBTOptions : multibox leader, instancers
    SimpleILevel : multibox leader, instancers
    SimpleILevel_Group : multibox leader, instancers
    SimpleILevel_Social : multibox leader, instancers
    Skada : multibox leader, instancers
    SkadaCC : multibox leader, instancers
    SkadaDamage : multibox leader, instancers
    SkadaDamageTaken : multibox leader, instancers
    SkadaDeaths : multibox leader, instancers
    SkadaDebuffs : multibox leader, instancers
    SkadaDispels : multibox leader, instancers
    SkadaEnemies : multibox leader, instancers
    SkadaHealing : multibox leader, instancers
    SkadaPower : multibox leader, instancers
    SkadaThreat : multibox leader, instancers
    TidyPlates : multibox leader, instancers
    TidyPlatesHub : multibox leader, instancers
    TidyPlatesWidgets : multibox leader, instancers
    TidyPlates_Neon : multibox leader, instancers
    Jamba : Multiboxers
    Jamba-AdvancedLoot : Multiboxers
    Jamba-DisplayTeam : Multiboxers
    Jamba-Follow : Multiboxers
    Jamba-FTL : Multiboxers
    Jamba-Purchase : Multiboxers
    Jamba-Quest : Multiboxers
    Jamba-QuestWatcher : Multiboxers
    Jamba-Sell : Multiboxers
    Jamba-Talk : Multiboxers
    Jamba-Target : Multiboxers
    Jamba-Taxi : Multiboxers
    Jamba-Toon : Multiboxers
    Jamba-Trade : Multiboxers
    AutoEquipQuestItem : multiboxers, solo questers
    OneChoice : multiboxers, solo questers
    TomTom : multiboxers, solo questers
    GatherMate2 : Solo Questers
    GatherMate2_Data : Solo Questers
    Archy : Solo Questers
    BattlePetCount : Solo Questers
    Loremaster : Solo Questers
    Loremaster_Data : Solo Questers
    Who Framed Watcher Wabbit : Solo Questers
    _NPCScan : Solo Questers