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  1. Lazy Healing: Druid

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    Green hair looks terrible with heirlooms
    As I've stated before, my goal with healers in 5 mans is a rotation that: a) never runs out of mana and b) handles most of the healing passively**. I'm currently levelling a team in wow with a druid healer. Although I've opted for an isboxer "do not advance until" rotation, with ...

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  2. Healing setup for Sentinal Cleric spec (Good from 47-54)

    Healing with a sentinal is pretty easy.

    Put 15 points in Purifier (Spiritual Guidance ,Intensity, Searing Heat) and the rest in sentinal

    You use these buffs:

    Healers Blessing
    Marked by the Light
    Wrathful Exuberance @focus
    Sign of Wrath
    Wisdom of the Ages

    This for spot healing (I use clickboxhealer and wheel down). The stopcasting is necessary to interrupt the spammed slow cheap heal:

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  3. Lazy solution: Dpsing healer

    I usually quest and rift with my healer in healing spec (and my tank in dps spec). This costs me something in terms of time but I like to think I make it up in time NOT spent rezzing the team after a miscalculation. After switching to a 1-1-3 setup (before I was using a tank and four hybrid dps) I realized that I wanted an easy way to do a little dps on my healer when she wasn't otherwise engaged but not at the cost of there ever being any ambiguity what "mode" she was in.


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